Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and the Weekend

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and got to spend lots of time with family! Otto was wired the entire trip, he just couldn't believe ALL of his people were there:) He even learned several more names and can now say Hannah, Lala (Angela), and Nana (Chris' mom). We've been working on Mommy all day today, I want a name too!
I stink at picture taking. All weekend I carried my camera around and didn't manage to get any pictures of mine or Chris' families:( I've really got to work on that.

We spent Thursday with my family and had a yummy meal and took Christmas pictures (Thanks Sarah!). That night we stayed with Angela and Justin and on Friday got to spend some time with Chris's best buddy Shawn. He and his wife Jessica are moving to California on Monday and although Chris has done a good job keeping it together I'm sure he is going to miss Shawn quite a bit.
Even though they will be so far away, we are very excited for them, such a wonderful opportunity!
On Saturday we were up early to take breakfast to Abbey for her fifteenth birthday. It's hard to believe she is already fifteen!
Then we headed to Juan and Lisa's for the day. Lots of yummy food and a ridiculous game of Phase 10 that Angela, of course, won:)

All in all a great trip! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. We love days spent with all of you! The Phase 10 game is going into retirement for a few years though, Angela is crowned Queen P10! Next year shorter games with longer snack breaks :)