Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Weekend

I've totally been playing the pregnant card this weekend. Heck, I've been playing that card for the last three and a half months:) We spent the last few days just hanging out at home, me doing a lot of nothing, Chris finished a fiction book (this is huge, the man only reads textbooks and calculator manuals) and rearranged the living room on a whim. The entertainment center is now where the love seat was, and the couch is on the big wall. Any ideas on what to hang above the couch in all that empty space?

Otto has been cooking all weekend, which is pretty darn cute. You hear his little awestruck voice in the kitchen (coming from the pots and pans cabinet) saying, "Wow!", and then his little feet running into the dining room where he lines up all of his tools on the bench. He mixed up some imaginary delights which he then eats with fake chewing and lip smacking. Pretty adorable. An Otto sized kitchen set in on the Christmas list:) 
In other Otto news, he hasn't nursed in a week so I guess we're done? He's only acted like he misses it twice, both times were in the morning when I didn't have his breakfast waiting when he woke up. And tonight I got him to eat broccoli! Granted it was pureed in potato soup and laced with bacon but he ate it!

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