Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Otto's Version of Pond Hopping

{Pond hopping is swimming in the fountains on Texas A&M's campus}(I never got to do husband totally shot me down. *Angry eyes pointed at Chris Weldy*)

Otto is notorious for playing in the toilets. Up until this point it's just been by chance, when he happens to be in the bathroom (with someone) and sees the toilet lid is up...I guess the water is just to tempting. But in the last two days it's become a game. He has gotten into our bathroom twice with the specific purpose of  using a hairbrush to 'mix' the water in the bowl. Not cool. I keep the door to our room shut and a baby gate blocking the guest bath to deter him, but today he figured out how to open our door. And he's so fast. I was literally running trying to stop him and he still managed to be elbow deep by the time I got there. So very gross.

Today, while grocery shopping, we picked up a little device to put a stop to this.
And because the camera was out, this is a glimpse of what our house is like from the time Daddy walks in the door until bedtime. :)


  1. What is it with boys and their love of toilets?! We are just now starting this phase in life! haha! On another note, Reid heard the videos and said "Ba-by!" and ran to see what all the fuss is about. they would be great friends lol!

  2. That is so funny! (a gross kinda way of course) And I am so proud Chris, he is a wonderful father! Now I just want to come play too!