Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Sixteen Weeks}

You've never read the poem/heard the Song 'Lydia the Tattooed Lady'? Oh, you're missing out...go here or here. Now, I don't have any real tattoos but I am covered in what my obstetrician calls Mommy Tattoos (stretch marks) so...

The Highlights:
How far along: Sixteen weeks. Already four months in!
How big is baby: An avocado, and I learned today that it's little heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood every day, crazy right?
Weight gain/loss: Zero pounds. I didn't start out by losing ten pounds like last time which is probably better for Baby Dos. Chris is down six.
Maternity clothes: I've been avoiding that box in the closet...Not terribly excited to go back to a limited wardrobe, although this pregnancy is opposite seasons that Otto's so I'll definitely have to go shopping in the next few months. 
Stretch marks: No new ones. Yet. Not sure I have room for anymore, can you get stretch marks on top of stretch marks?
Sleep: Interrupted by freaky dreams. I have a fear of dead things, but for some reason I keep dreaming I'm a coroner and have to fish bodies out of the river. *shudder*
Best Moment of the Week: Getting back in the groove and actually feeling like making a meal plan!
Movement: Maybe? I think this little person's placenta must be anterior because I really haven't felt anything definitive. I can, however, feel my entire uterus when I'm lying flat on my back. (Made Abbey feel it too, she freaked!)
Food Cravings: Hmm, wouldn't go as far as cravings yet, but salty things are more appealing than sweet. Sugar and milk products make me nauseous, but less so than the first trimester. I have been making myself eat this time, every two hours, so I'll never be on empty, which seems to trigger the puke.
Gender: No clue. I've always thought we would have two boys in a row, but as soon as we found out about this little person we were sure it was a girl. Chris is still on team pink but I'm waffling. Either way we will be ecstatic.
Labor Signs: No thank you, but I can feel sporadic Braxton Hicks.
Belly button in or out: Ha. Ha. Ha. My poor belly button is already starting to stick out and I don't even really have a belly! Pregnancy number one left me with a mild umbilical hernia and separated abdominals, so I'm sure it will be impressive by the end.
What I am Looking Forward too: Really getting to feeling this little person move! Movement is so reassuring, I need it!
Daddy: Handling this like a champ. I married such a wise man, he hasn't said a word about my lack of, well, participation in anything. Even on the nights when he came home after a full day at work to find me wallowing on the couch in misery surrounded by unfolded laundry and scattered toys. He just made sure I ate something, fed/bathed Otto, and put him to bed. He's a trooper! Hopefully this second wind I'm catching sticks around and he can start making up a few of those pounds he's lost:) 
*Trying to force flab to look like a bump!

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  1. You are such a cute prego!! Love y'all! For the record I think this one is a boy. I have thought so since I found out y'all were expecting. :) So, that's my vote.