Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had such a fun night yesterday! Michael and Abbey came home with us from College Station this past weekend and they only added to the party. (Oh, I didn't mention we were in College Station? Post about that coming soon!) Shawn and Jessica came over too, which was great, they are moving to California at the end of the month (!!!) so it was great to get to hang out with them a little before the big move.
We had taco soup for dinner while waiting for it to be dark enough to go trick or treating and even then we were one of the first people out. We were excited! (And had a little person that needed to be in bed by a decent hour, but mostly excited;) 
Otto wasn't bothered at all by Michael's costume, (scary wolverine, but if any girl between the age of 5-50 asked he was Team Jacob) Abbey was grilled cheese complete with a grill in her mouth. Otto's costume got lots of comments and a girl even took his picture to show her boss! He did a great job wearing it and proudly marched down the street grinning ear to ear.
Otto and his entourage:)
He loved going door to door, and didn't even realize that people were giving him candy. He was just excited to meet new people and say "Hi!'.  This kid is such a people person.
His face looked like this leaving every house. So proud of himself!
They gave me a glow stick Mom!
After walking up and down the street, we headed home to hand out candy ourselves. Otto had to inspected his loot and try a few M&M's.
Hmm, what are these things?
Doesn't he look so big here? (Michael helped him with the M&M's, he only had three and was still SUPER hyper all night.)
When we got home, Michael and Abbey took a cell phone and grocery bags and hit the neighborhood themselves. They came back with fifteen pounds of candy between the two! (And yes, they are too old to be trick or treating, but they are from a small town where neighborhoods are non existent and this was their chance.)
With their loot:)
They may be a little nutty, but we love them. Seriously, who wouldn't want an uncle who can do this?
While we were handing out candy, Chris decided we needed a jack-o-lanturn to attract more business so he whipped one out in five minutes. My man can carve a pumpkin people.
Hope you all had a wonderful and safe night!

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  1. Yeah well after learning the facts about Halloween we haven't celebrated it in 15 yrs. No trick or treating, jack-o-lanterns, costumes etc.