Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chris at the Dentist

On Friday, we got up early and drove to East Texas. We needed to return Michael and Abbey and Chris had an appointment to have his wisdom teeth removed. Chris' younger sister, Angela, works at the surgery center and got to assist during the procedure...Chris survived and didn't come out of recovery with a Sharpie mustache. It was her chance for payback and she didn't take it! Chris was pretty silly in recovery, and we decided he would be a hilarious drunk.
Last non-chipmunk photo:)
She even drove Chris back to her house afterwards to sleep off the anesthesia in her guest room, such a sweet sister:) (And I heard a rumor that she sang Soft Kitty  to him [ten points if you've heard that song])
Grumpy patient suffering though ice packs
While Angela drove Chris home I made a quick stop at El Lugar (best place to eat in Tyler) for lunch (pregnant=must eat every two hours or suffer the consequences) before heading to the pharmacy to fill his prescriptions. I felt a little guilt for going without Chris but recovered when I saw this: Delicious!
Otto had a BLAST bouncing back and forth between my parents house and Angela and Justin's. He got to hang out with my Mom while we were in Tyler and while he was there he got to hold a chicken!
Helping feed the animals!

And the next morning he got to enjoy his breakfast in the hammock on Aunt Angela's patio:)
Aside from being a little obstinate about taking his pain medication, Chris did really well considering the trauma his face went through. When he woke up that evening he asked for a hambuger, crazy guy! (Ate about a third using a knife and fork)
He did swell quite a bit. Look! What Chris would look like thirty pounds heavier! He almost has a dimple!
We came home Sunday afternoon and thankfully Chris had Monday off for additional recovery time. Hopefully by the end of the week he will be back to normal!

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  1. I've heard soft kitty AND Nathan's family also loves El Lugar :-)
    Aside from Chris' surgery, sounds like a great weekend :-)