Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aggie Football!

{Let's back up a weekend}

On the 29th we got up early and drove to College Station. A very sweet new mommy friend gave us tickets to the Missouri/A&M game and we were excited to go! (We're really getting the hang of going out as just Chris and Lydia:))  Otto got to play at my sister's house while we were at the game, thanks for watching him Hannah and Sarah!

First deck!
Definitely the best seats we've ever had! It was a completely different experience being able to read the players names on their jerseys without using binoculars:) It was hard for me to keep track of the ball, I had to keep switching to the big screen to find it, just reaffirms how talented at sports I really am! Can't even watch without getting confused.
The band is always fantastic and puts on a great halftime show!
Sadly we lost the game (in overtime!) but it was so fun to go! Thank you Sarah for making it possible!

My parents and younger siblings were also in town (the only person we were missing was Israel!). That's when we shared our big news about baby number two, although they all swore they already knew. (My dad thought I was looking pudgy?!) When we left Sunday afternoon we took Michael and Abbey with us for Halloween and to spend the week.

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