Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Otto's Version of Pond Hopping

{Pond hopping is swimming in the fountains on Texas A&M's campus}(I never got to do husband totally shot me down. *Angry eyes pointed at Chris Weldy*)

Otto is notorious for playing in the toilets. Up until this point it's just been by chance, when he happens to be in the bathroom (with someone) and sees the toilet lid is up...I guess the water is just to tempting. But in the last two days it's become a game. He has gotten into our bathroom twice with the specific purpose of  using a hairbrush to 'mix' the water in the bowl. Not cool. I keep the door to our room shut and a baby gate blocking the guest bath to deter him, but today he figured out how to open our door. And he's so fast. I was literally running trying to stop him and he still managed to be elbow deep by the time I got there. So very gross.

Today, while grocery shopping, we picked up a little device to put a stop to this.
And because the camera was out, this is a glimpse of what our house is like from the time Daddy walks in the door until bedtime. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and the Weekend

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and got to spend lots of time with family! Otto was wired the entire trip, he just couldn't believe ALL of his people were there:) He even learned several more names and can now say Hannah, Lala (Angela), and Nana (Chris' mom). We've been working on Mommy all day today, I want a name too!
I stink at picture taking. All weekend I carried my camera around and didn't manage to get any pictures of mine or Chris' families:( I've really got to work on that.

We spent Thursday with my family and had a yummy meal and took Christmas pictures (Thanks Sarah!). That night we stayed with Angela and Justin and on Friday got to spend some time with Chris's best buddy Shawn. He and his wife Jessica are moving to California on Monday and although Chris has done a good job keeping it together I'm sure he is going to miss Shawn quite a bit.
Even though they will be so far away, we are very excited for them, such a wonderful opportunity!
On Saturday we were up early to take breakfast to Abbey for her fifteenth birthday. It's hard to believe she is already fifteen!
Then we headed to Juan and Lisa's for the day. Lots of yummy food and a ridiculous game of Phase 10 that Angela, of course, won:)

All in all a great trip! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Playdate Videos!

Today we got to spend some time with Will, Joss, and Liv! (And their moms!)

I didn't bring my camera, but Otto and Will were having the best time so I took these videos with my phone.

Otto climbed on this little car and Will volunteered to push:)
Then they figured out how to open the safety latch on the TV cabinet and Otto wiggled his way onto the bottom shelf. Will helped him out by closing the cabinet door! Thankfully it didn't latch completely:) Otto was happy as a clam in his new 'fort'.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Sixteen Weeks}

You've never read the poem/heard the Song 'Lydia the Tattooed Lady'? Oh, you're missing out...go here or here. Now, I don't have any real tattoos but I am covered in what my obstetrician calls Mommy Tattoos (stretch marks) so...

The Highlights:
How far along: Sixteen weeks. Already four months in!
How big is baby: An avocado, and I learned today that it's little heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood every day, crazy right?
Weight gain/loss: Zero pounds. I didn't start out by losing ten pounds like last time which is probably better for Baby Dos. Chris is down six.
Maternity clothes: I've been avoiding that box in the closet...Not terribly excited to go back to a limited wardrobe, although this pregnancy is opposite seasons that Otto's so I'll definitely have to go shopping in the next few months. 
Stretch marks: No new ones. Yet. Not sure I have room for anymore, can you get stretch marks on top of stretch marks?
Sleep: Interrupted by freaky dreams. I have a fear of dead things, but for some reason I keep dreaming I'm a coroner and have to fish bodies out of the river. *shudder*
Best Moment of the Week: Getting back in the groove and actually feeling like making a meal plan!
Movement: Maybe? I think this little person's placenta must be anterior because I really haven't felt anything definitive. I can, however, feel my entire uterus when I'm lying flat on my back. (Made Abbey feel it too, she freaked!)
Food Cravings: Hmm, wouldn't go as far as cravings yet, but salty things are more appealing than sweet. Sugar and milk products make me nauseous, but less so than the first trimester. I have been making myself eat this time, every two hours, so I'll never be on empty, which seems to trigger the puke.
Gender: No clue. I've always thought we would have two boys in a row, but as soon as we found out about this little person we were sure it was a girl. Chris is still on team pink but I'm waffling. Either way we will be ecstatic.
Labor Signs: No thank you, but I can feel sporadic Braxton Hicks.
Belly button in or out: Ha. Ha. Ha. My poor belly button is already starting to stick out and I don't even really have a belly! Pregnancy number one left me with a mild umbilical hernia and separated abdominals, so I'm sure it will be impressive by the end.
What I am Looking Forward too: Really getting to feeling this little person move! Movement is so reassuring, I need it!
Daddy: Handling this like a champ. I married such a wise man, he hasn't said a word about my lack of, well, participation in anything. Even on the nights when he came home after a full day at work to find me wallowing on the couch in misery surrounded by unfolded laundry and scattered toys. He just made sure I ate something, fed/bathed Otto, and put him to bed. He's a trooper! Hopefully this second wind I'm catching sticks around and he can start making up a few of those pounds he's lost:) 
*Trying to force flab to look like a bump!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today Was A Great Day!

We had a busy but great day!

It started with a delivery from Lowe's; we have a new washer and dryer!!! I am so excited! Can't wait to see how well they work, our old set had really started to struggle with getting things clean.
Otto was pretty surprised to see people in his house when he woke up but enjoyed watching them install the new washer and dryer while he ate breakfast.
He is sooo impressed with the new toys. He keeps shutting himself in the laundry room to admire them. Pretty funny to hear a little voice coming from behind the door saying, 'Wow!'.

After running a test cycle to clean out the factory gunk and for our entertainment, we headed out the door for an appointment to check on Baby Dos! Sadly, Chris got stuck at work so Otto and I went alone. He was so great while waiting, I was so very proud of him. My doctor was on call today and had delivered a baby in the morning that put the whole schedule behind. After waiting for an hour and forty minutes we finally got to see the nurse because my doctor was called away again! But it was totally okay, I didn't have any real questions for her and Otto was a champ while waiting--and I totally wouldn't want her to keep seeing patients if I was ready to deliver!

Here's a recording of our little one's heartbeat! Adorable right? (And squirmy! All the static is movement.) (And don't laugh at the weird image, YouTube wouldn't let me upload just the audio file and I didn't realize the picture had a person in it until it was too late.)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Weekend

I've totally been playing the pregnant card this weekend. Heck, I've been playing that card for the last three and a half months:) We spent the last few days just hanging out at home, me doing a lot of nothing, Chris finished a fiction book (this is huge, the man only reads textbooks and calculator manuals) and rearranged the living room on a whim. The entertainment center is now where the love seat was, and the couch is on the big wall. Any ideas on what to hang above the couch in all that empty space?

Otto has been cooking all weekend, which is pretty darn cute. You hear his little awestruck voice in the kitchen (coming from the pots and pans cabinet) saying, "Wow!", and then his little feet running into the dining room where he lines up all of his tools on the bench. He mixed up some imaginary delights which he then eats with fake chewing and lip smacking. Pretty adorable. An Otto sized kitchen set in on the Christmas list:) 
In other Otto news, he hasn't nursed in a week so I guess we're done? He's only acted like he misses it twice, both times were in the morning when I didn't have his breakfast waiting when he woke up. And tonight I got him to eat broccoli! Granted it was pureed in potato soup and laced with bacon but he ate it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chris at the Dentist

On Friday, we got up early and drove to East Texas. We needed to return Michael and Abbey and Chris had an appointment to have his wisdom teeth removed. Chris' younger sister, Angela, works at the surgery center and got to assist during the procedure...Chris survived and didn't come out of recovery with a Sharpie mustache. It was her chance for payback and she didn't take it! Chris was pretty silly in recovery, and we decided he would be a hilarious drunk.
Last non-chipmunk photo:)
She even drove Chris back to her house afterwards to sleep off the anesthesia in her guest room, such a sweet sister:) (And I heard a rumor that she sang Soft Kitty  to him [ten points if you've heard that song])
Grumpy patient suffering though ice packs
While Angela drove Chris home I made a quick stop at El Lugar (best place to eat in Tyler) for lunch (pregnant=must eat every two hours or suffer the consequences) before heading to the pharmacy to fill his prescriptions. I felt a little guilt for going without Chris but recovered when I saw this: Delicious!
Otto had a BLAST bouncing back and forth between my parents house and Angela and Justin's. He got to hang out with my Mom while we were in Tyler and while he was there he got to hold a chicken!
Helping feed the animals!

And the next morning he got to enjoy his breakfast in the hammock on Aunt Angela's patio:)
Aside from being a little obstinate about taking his pain medication, Chris did really well considering the trauma his face went through. When he woke up that evening he asked for a hambuger, crazy guy! (Ate about a third using a knife and fork)
He did swell quite a bit. Look! What Chris would look like thirty pounds heavier! He almost has a dimple!
We came home Sunday afternoon and thankfully Chris had Monday off for additional recovery time. Hopefully by the end of the week he will be back to normal!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aggie Football!

{Let's back up a weekend}

On the 29th we got up early and drove to College Station. A very sweet new mommy friend gave us tickets to the Missouri/A&M game and we were excited to go! (We're really getting the hang of going out as just Chris and Lydia:))  Otto got to play at my sister's house while we were at the game, thanks for watching him Hannah and Sarah!

First deck!
Definitely the best seats we've ever had! It was a completely different experience being able to read the players names on their jerseys without using binoculars:) It was hard for me to keep track of the ball, I had to keep switching to the big screen to find it, just reaffirms how talented at sports I really am! Can't even watch without getting confused.
The band is always fantastic and puts on a great halftime show!
Sadly we lost the game (in overtime!) but it was so fun to go! Thank you Sarah for making it possible!

My parents and younger siblings were also in town (the only person we were missing was Israel!). That's when we shared our big news about baby number two, although they all swore they already knew. (My dad thought I was looking pudgy?!) When we left Sunday afternoon we took Michael and Abbey with us for Halloween and to spend the week.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had such a fun night yesterday! Michael and Abbey came home with us from College Station this past weekend and they only added to the party. (Oh, I didn't mention we were in College Station? Post about that coming soon!) Shawn and Jessica came over too, which was great, they are moving to California at the end of the month (!!!) so it was great to get to hang out with them a little before the big move.
We had taco soup for dinner while waiting for it to be dark enough to go trick or treating and even then we were one of the first people out. We were excited! (And had a little person that needed to be in bed by a decent hour, but mostly excited;) 
Otto wasn't bothered at all by Michael's costume, (scary wolverine, but if any girl between the age of 5-50 asked he was Team Jacob) Abbey was grilled cheese complete with a grill in her mouth. Otto's costume got lots of comments and a girl even took his picture to show her boss! He did a great job wearing it and proudly marched down the street grinning ear to ear.
Otto and his entourage:)
He loved going door to door, and didn't even realize that people were giving him candy. He was just excited to meet new people and say "Hi!'.  This kid is such a people person.
His face looked like this leaving every house. So proud of himself!
They gave me a glow stick Mom!
After walking up and down the street, we headed home to hand out candy ourselves. Otto had to inspected his loot and try a few M&M's.
Hmm, what are these things?
Doesn't he look so big here? (Michael helped him with the M&M's, he only had three and was still SUPER hyper all night.)
When we got home, Michael and Abbey took a cell phone and grocery bags and hit the neighborhood themselves. They came back with fifteen pounds of candy between the two! (And yes, they are too old to be trick or treating, but they are from a small town where neighborhoods are non existent and this was their chance.)
With their loot:)
They may be a little nutty, but we love them. Seriously, who wouldn't want an uncle who can do this?
While we were handing out candy, Chris decided we needed a jack-o-lanturn to attract more business so he whipped one out in five minutes. My man can carve a pumpkin people.
Hope you all had a wonderful and safe night!