Thursday, October 20, 2011

This week...

Otto is so glad to have his Dad home, and so am I:) It's nice to be back to our normal routine. Or semi-normal I should say, as both my guys have been sick this week. Chris with some sort of flu that kept him home from work Monday and Tuesday, and Otto with a major head cold. Poor little guy is super gunky, and we've had a couple of rough nights. But hopefully we are on the up swing. (Please, please, please!)  He also got his fourth first year molar at the beginning of this week which probably didn't help.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday, when Daddy got home!

Writing a welcome home note on the sidewalk. 
Otto was so happy to see him. In fact, when Chris (who didn't even go look at the plane bathrooms let alone use them) made a pit stop shortly after getting home, Otto sat outside the bathroom door waiting for him to come out! No privacy in this house:)
Chris took the point and shoot with him on his trip, so maybe I should upload a few of those photos...:)

PS: Chris has put Otto to bed the last two nights. Without nursing first!!! We're almost weaned, only nursing first thing in the mornings but I have a feeling that will disappear shortly. 

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