Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We love getting together with Bradley baby friends. Otto loves playing with people his age, and I love getting to talk/compare notes with the other Mommies!

On Monday we had lunch at Charlotte's house. She's still the easiest to take pictures of because as the youngest (of the first set!) her walking skills are still developing:)
William is seriously one of the funniest babies I have ever met. He says things like 'How you doing?' and tells jokes in baby talk, complete with facial expressions and animations, and then laughs at them. 
All of the babies play well together and teach each other new tricks. Otto was very busy while we were there showing Charlotte the best ways to open cabinets, clear surfaces, and climb on the fireplace. (Sorry Jess!)
Otto is a big fan of the ladies, Ben and Jefferie might have to sit him down for a man-to-man talk sometime in the near future:-/ While we were there he played tackle with Charlotte (she won) and kissed Liv! He was very sweetly admiring the baby while I took his picture and half a second later he went in for a smooch!
Kissing not biting promise!
Liv was very sweet and took all of his attention in stride. She is a doll of a baby and look how much she has fill out in just a few weeks!
Jess holding Liv!
Begging for brownies:)
We love our play-dates!

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  1. I love your up-dates on the Bradley babies, it is so fun to watch them grow! Otto is such a handsome little man ♥ kisses from Nana.
    How many of the babies have those beautiful blue eyes?