Thursday, October 6, 2011

Otto at 14 Months!

Okay, so were halfway through month 14 but I wanted to record a little of what our crazy guy is like at this age.

He's a hot mess, that's what he's like right now. Very independent, gets frustrated when he isn't able to complete a task on his own, highly mobile, loves exploring and outside, and thinks he's 14 years instead of months. Yesterday I caught him chewing a piece of gum, grinning ear to ear about how big he was. Sadly it was the gum I had just thrown in the trash. GROSS! (Getting into the trash cabinet is a punishable offense at our house, but this time I think he thought it was worth it.) (Yes, I had a mild heart attack and sprouted a few new gray hairs.)

His love of brooms and vacuums continues, and he can actually do a decent job sweeping. I've got to find him a kid size broom so it can be one of his daily chores;) Sometimes I think he empties his high chair tray into the floor just so we can clean it up.
Also in his quest to be big he helps with the laundry and tries to dress himself. If things don't end up exactly how he wants them, a melt down ensues. First born perfectionist possibly in the making.

His communication skills are really picking up. He now shakes his head yes and no, can say bellybutton, eye, and has his own word for outside. (and animations that include lots of arm flapping, pointing, and squealing.) While he understands simple commands and when you tell him NOT to do something, sometimes the obedience factor isn't really there. Most of the time he assumes you are playing a game, and will laugh and do exactly what you were trying to prevent. It probably doesn't help that his Dad cannot keep a straight face to save his life, generally ending up laughing as well because, 'He's just so cute!'. And he is cute but we are going to have to get over that. :-/

He loves to try and dress himself or put on his shoes. Or Daddy's shoes:)
He can tell you where your nose, ears, eyes, and bellybutton are and can tell you what a puppy says. Woof, woof! In the mornings he helps Chris get ready, playing in the empty bath tub until Chris is ready for Otto to brush his hair. He looovvveess hair and tooth brushes:) The other day I found the hairbrush in the silverware drawer and a butter knife sticking through the baby gate. Maybe he was making a booby trap?

His main mode of transportation is walking, with a hilarious version of running thrown in.  He has 13 teeth, with the lower right molar coming through at the beginning of this week. Only one molar and two canines before we get a reprieve for awhile!
He is such fun and we love him to pieces!

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