Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kudoo's to Single Parents

Chris has been out of town this week with work, and let me tell you Otto and I are both tired. I miss our morning routine where the guys get ready for the day together and I get fifteen extra minutes of alone time to wake up. Otto has been asking for his Dad quite a bit, especially when I won't give in to what he wants.  Thankfully Daddy is on his return flight now!

But all-in-all we had a pretty good week filled with lots of distractions. We had lunch with friends on Monday, a play-date with a neighbor on Tuesday, and Uncle Israel spent the night with us on Wednesday!
Calling MG!
Israel was in town for the week attending driving school for UPS! He did AWESOME even though it was incredibly stressful and exhausting, and is now a driver! Yay Israel!

On Friday we scoped out the surrounding neighbor hoods for garage sales. Although I'm pretty sure that Chris will never leave me home alone again, but I am sooo excited about what we found! Look!
It took me all of nap time to sort though it, but now I have a fantastic fabric stash! See? Lots of cotton prints in all colors, some home decor fabrics, replacement needles for my sewing machine, a cutting mat, and even several colors of chenille!
If you see me anywhere near a fabric store in the near future, send me home!

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