Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just Between Friends Sale

On Friday Otto and I went to a gigantic consignment sale here in Fort Worth. I'm a huge fan of bargain hunting and baby clothes, so half price day at a kiddie rummage sale was a blast. We found lots of great deals, including an umbrella stroller for four bucks! Otto is way into pushing things with wheels right now, so he is pretty excited about that one too.

The size of the sale is ridiculous, like convention center ridiculous. Otto is now set on stone washed jeans for awhile, I'm not sure how we came away with so many similar pairs, but at least they are a variety of sizes--he won't be wearing them all at the same time!
Aren't the patchwork pants a scream? I can not wait for those to fit!

We also found several cute, and barely worn, long sleeved shirts and sweaters.
And two jackets. The blue one looks homemade and the blazer was just too adorable to pass up. It should fit him early Spring, can you say little preppy Easter boy?
There is another sale in March, where they sell Spring/Summer clothes. Jenny, you need to come with me! Most of what we found was 1.50-2.00 dollars an item with exception of the blazer.

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  1. Hi Lydia! I'm LOVING those patchwork pants and blazer! Too cute!

    BTW, did you ever post those beach pictures?