Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dave's New House and Great Grandparents

Yesterday we drove to the other side of DFW to see Dave. He recently (last week) bought a new house! It's absolutely beautiful, he did a fantastic job picking it out.
Dave has a plethora of musical equipment, and Otto loved getting to play drums, piano, and a couple of guitars. He is a huge fan of anything musical.
Dave was making a birthday cake for a friend (from scratch! And he's still single ladies!) and gave Otto a spoonful of the left over icing. Otto is now a Dave fan for life.
This picture is blurry, but Otto's face is priceless! It's delicious Mom!
After our stop at Dave's we grabbed some dinner at Freebirds before stopping to see my grandparents. Otto was a little shy (total first, maybe because he was getting tired?) but quickly warmed up when my Nana bribed him with a teddy bear. He ran right over and kissed it!
And then he happily climbed into her lap to snuggle with it. Maybe we should invest in a white teddy bear...
My Gaw-Gaw loved getting to see Otto and was very impressed with how fast he is now! It must be the new shoes, he is much faster now.
We had a great Saturday visiting our peoples, except for the traffic snag we hit trying to get home. Word of advice, stay away from 635, it's a mess right now!

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