Sunday, October 23, 2011

Date Night!

Last night Chris' company hosted an evening function, and get this, my in-laws drove in (2 1/2 hours!) to watch Otto for us! He had a fantastic time and even cuddled with his Nana at bedtime.
Yes, those are grass stains on Otto's jeans, he was playing hard!

We so appreciated them coming to see us and watch our little guy, it was the first real date night we've had since he was born. Totally of our own making, we like hanging out with him, and having to be home by his 7:30 bedtime is an excellent excuse for the fact that we generally aren't far behind him. We're old, seriously.   

Heading out for a night on the town! We didn't get home until midnight (gasp!) and I have been feeling it today. Our lifestyle has really changed since college:)
Thanks for lending me your dress Hannah!
We stopped for a pre-dinner snack at Wendy's on the way. (I know, first night out and we go to Wendy's? It was good, I recommend a baked potato with chili.)
The party was at the Oncor building in downtown Dallas, on the top floor patio! We had (second) dinner with Chris' co-workers while watching the sun set on the Dallas skyline.
After dinner we moved inside for casino games. I learned that roulette is not my friend, blackjack is more my style and helped me break even for the night. Chris actually made (fake) money! We came home (oh so late) to a quiet house where everyone was sleeping. It was a fantastic, and much needed, night away and we are so thankful to Chris' parents for babysitting for us! Thank you guys!

We are really so blessed with family that volunteers to watch our kidlet. Granted, I'm slightly crazy and have a hard time with leaving him with anyone, but they are all very understanding:) Remember this day? My Mom was great and basically drove around town all day, bringing Otto to me when the class I was taking took any kind of break, even the five minute stretch variety.  Our family is very good to us. (Love how I say we'll possibly take a date night soon in that post and almost a year later we actually do! Haha!)


  1. Looks like a great date night! & you're one gorgeous mama!!!

  2. It was totally our pleasure! One of the best days of my life! Otto has the sweetest hugs and you guys are are right there with him!