Monday, October 31, 2011

Otto Will Be An Only Child....

...for less than seven more months!
Dos Weldy due May 3rd 2012!
Happy Halloween everyone!
Otto the Wrecking Ball:)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Very Much a Boy.

Do all little boys naturally know how to make car sound effects? Chris and I don't go around the house adding race car noises when we sweep or vacuum, or get down on the floor and race toy cars around the room. But Otto does:) Where did he get this? Is it one of those natural reflexes guy are born with?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Date Night!

Last night Chris' company hosted an evening function, and get this, my in-laws drove in (2 1/2 hours!) to watch Otto for us! He had a fantastic time and even cuddled with his Nana at bedtime.
Yes, those are grass stains on Otto's jeans, he was playing hard!

We so appreciated them coming to see us and watch our little guy, it was the first real date night we've had since he was born. Totally of our own making, we like hanging out with him, and having to be home by his 7:30 bedtime is an excellent excuse for the fact that we generally aren't far behind him. We're old, seriously.   

Heading out for a night on the town! We didn't get home until midnight (gasp!) and I have been feeling it today. Our lifestyle has really changed since college:)
Thanks for lending me your dress Hannah!
We stopped for a pre-dinner snack at Wendy's on the way. (I know, first night out and we go to Wendy's? It was good, I recommend a baked potato with chili.)
The party was at the Oncor building in downtown Dallas, on the top floor patio! We had (second) dinner with Chris' co-workers while watching the sun set on the Dallas skyline.
After dinner we moved inside for casino games. I learned that roulette is not my friend, blackjack is more my style and helped me break even for the night. Chris actually made (fake) money! We came home (oh so late) to a quiet house where everyone was sleeping. It was a fantastic, and much needed, night away and we are so thankful to Chris' parents for babysitting for us! Thank you guys!

We are really so blessed with family that volunteers to watch our kidlet. Granted, I'm slightly crazy and have a hard time with leaving him with anyone, but they are all very understanding:) Remember this day? My Mom was great and basically drove around town all day, bringing Otto to me when the class I was taking took any kind of break, even the five minute stretch variety.  Our family is very good to us. (Love how I say we'll possibly take a date night soon in that post and almost a year later we actually do! Haha!)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This week...

Otto is so glad to have his Dad home, and so am I:) It's nice to be back to our normal routine. Or semi-normal I should say, as both my guys have been sick this week. Chris with some sort of flu that kept him home from work Monday and Tuesday, and Otto with a major head cold. Poor little guy is super gunky, and we've had a couple of rough nights. But hopefully we are on the up swing. (Please, please, please!)  He also got his fourth first year molar at the beginning of this week which probably didn't help.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday, when Daddy got home!

Writing a welcome home note on the sidewalk. 
Otto was so happy to see him. In fact, when Chris (who didn't even go look at the plane bathrooms let alone use them) made a pit stop shortly after getting home, Otto sat outside the bathroom door waiting for him to come out! No privacy in this house:)
Chris took the point and shoot with him on his trip, so maybe I should upload a few of those photos...:)

PS: Chris has put Otto to bed the last two nights. Without nursing first!!! We're almost weaned, only nursing first thing in the mornings but I have a feeling that will disappear shortly. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kudoo's to Single Parents

Chris has been out of town this week with work, and let me tell you Otto and I are both tired. I miss our morning routine where the guys get ready for the day together and I get fifteen extra minutes of alone time to wake up. Otto has been asking for his Dad quite a bit, especially when I won't give in to what he wants.  Thankfully Daddy is on his return flight now!

But all-in-all we had a pretty good week filled with lots of distractions. We had lunch with friends on Monday, a play-date with a neighbor on Tuesday, and Uncle Israel spent the night with us on Wednesday!
Calling MG!
Israel was in town for the week attending driving school for UPS! He did AWESOME even though it was incredibly stressful and exhausting, and is now a driver! Yay Israel!

On Friday we scoped out the surrounding neighbor hoods for garage sales. Although I'm pretty sure that Chris will never leave me home alone again, but I am sooo excited about what we found! Look!
It took me all of nap time to sort though it, but now I have a fantastic fabric stash! See? Lots of cotton prints in all colors, some home decor fabrics, replacement needles for my sewing machine, a cutting mat, and even several colors of chenille!
If you see me anywhere near a fabric store in the near future, send me home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We love getting together with Bradley baby friends. Otto loves playing with people his age, and I love getting to talk/compare notes with the other Mommies!

On Monday we had lunch at Charlotte's house. She's still the easiest to take pictures of because as the youngest (of the first set!) her walking skills are still developing:)
William is seriously one of the funniest babies I have ever met. He says things like 'How you doing?' and tells jokes in baby talk, complete with facial expressions and animations, and then laughs at them. 
All of the babies play well together and teach each other new tricks. Otto was very busy while we were there showing Charlotte the best ways to open cabinets, clear surfaces, and climb on the fireplace. (Sorry Jess!)
Otto is a big fan of the ladies, Ben and Jefferie might have to sit him down for a man-to-man talk sometime in the near future:-/ While we were there he played tackle with Charlotte (she won) and kissed Liv! He was very sweetly admiring the baby while I took his picture and half a second later he went in for a smooch!
Kissing not biting promise!
Liv was very sweet and took all of his attention in stride. She is a doll of a baby and look how much she has fill out in just a few weeks!
Jess holding Liv!
Begging for brownies:)
We love our play-dates!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Otto at 14 Months!

Okay, so were halfway through month 14 but I wanted to record a little of what our crazy guy is like at this age.

He's a hot mess, that's what he's like right now. Very independent, gets frustrated when he isn't able to complete a task on his own, highly mobile, loves exploring and outside, and thinks he's 14 years instead of months. Yesterday I caught him chewing a piece of gum, grinning ear to ear about how big he was. Sadly it was the gum I had just thrown in the trash. GROSS! (Getting into the trash cabinet is a punishable offense at our house, but this time I think he thought it was worth it.) (Yes, I had a mild heart attack and sprouted a few new gray hairs.)

His love of brooms and vacuums continues, and he can actually do a decent job sweeping. I've got to find him a kid size broom so it can be one of his daily chores;) Sometimes I think he empties his high chair tray into the floor just so we can clean it up.
Also in his quest to be big he helps with the laundry and tries to dress himself. If things don't end up exactly how he wants them, a melt down ensues. First born perfectionist possibly in the making.

His communication skills are really picking up. He now shakes his head yes and no, can say bellybutton, eye, and has his own word for outside. (and animations that include lots of arm flapping, pointing, and squealing.) While he understands simple commands and when you tell him NOT to do something, sometimes the obedience factor isn't really there. Most of the time he assumes you are playing a game, and will laugh and do exactly what you were trying to prevent. It probably doesn't help that his Dad cannot keep a straight face to save his life, generally ending up laughing as well because, 'He's just so cute!'. And he is cute but we are going to have to get over that. :-/

He loves to try and dress himself or put on his shoes. Or Daddy's shoes:)
He can tell you where your nose, ears, eyes, and bellybutton are and can tell you what a puppy says. Woof, woof! In the mornings he helps Chris get ready, playing in the empty bath tub until Chris is ready for Otto to brush his hair. He looovvveess hair and tooth brushes:) The other day I found the hairbrush in the silverware drawer and a butter knife sticking through the baby gate. Maybe he was making a booby trap?

His main mode of transportation is walking, with a hilarious version of running thrown in.  He has 13 teeth, with the lower right molar coming through at the beginning of this week. Only one molar and two canines before we get a reprieve for awhile!
He is such fun and we love him to pieces!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dave's New House and Great Grandparents

Yesterday we drove to the other side of DFW to see Dave. He recently (last week) bought a new house! It's absolutely beautiful, he did a fantastic job picking it out.
Dave has a plethora of musical equipment, and Otto loved getting to play drums, piano, and a couple of guitars. He is a huge fan of anything musical.
Dave was making a birthday cake for a friend (from scratch! And he's still single ladies!) and gave Otto a spoonful of the left over icing. Otto is now a Dave fan for life.
This picture is blurry, but Otto's face is priceless! It's delicious Mom!
After our stop at Dave's we grabbed some dinner at Freebirds before stopping to see my grandparents. Otto was a little shy (total first, maybe because he was getting tired?) but quickly warmed up when my Nana bribed him with a teddy bear. He ran right over and kissed it!
And then he happily climbed into her lap to snuggle with it. Maybe we should invest in a white teddy bear...
My Gaw-Gaw loved getting to see Otto and was very impressed with how fast he is now! It must be the new shoes, he is much faster now.
We had a great Saturday visiting our peoples, except for the traffic snag we hit trying to get home. Word of advice, stay away from 635, it's a mess right now!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just Between Friends Sale

On Friday Otto and I went to a gigantic consignment sale here in Fort Worth. I'm a huge fan of bargain hunting and baby clothes, so half price day at a kiddie rummage sale was a blast. We found lots of great deals, including an umbrella stroller for four bucks! Otto is way into pushing things with wheels right now, so he is pretty excited about that one too.

The size of the sale is ridiculous, like convention center ridiculous. Otto is now set on stone washed jeans for awhile, I'm not sure how we came away with so many similar pairs, but at least they are a variety of sizes--he won't be wearing them all at the same time!
Aren't the patchwork pants a scream? I can not wait for those to fit!

We also found several cute, and barely worn, long sleeved shirts and sweaters.
And two jackets. The blue one looks homemade and the blazer was just too adorable to pass up. It should fit him early Spring, can you say little preppy Easter boy?
There is another sale in March, where they sell Spring/Summer clothes. Jenny, you need to come with me! Most of what we found was 1.50-2.00 dollars an item with exception of the blazer.