Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday at the Park

We've done a whole lot of nothing this weekend, which is pretty great in my book. Otto is working hard core on another molar, and it finally started breaking through yesterday. We went to the park in the afternoon to offer him a little distraction.

How cute is this?! He looks so big; walking across the bridge to show Daddy the jungle gym.
He thinks he's so big, and crawled right up the 'rock' steps. It was great having Chris with us, I could take pictures and not worry that Otto was going to take a running jump onto the monkey bars.
Poor guy was pretty serious, getting teeth is a very big job. He was happy to be there, I just didn't catch any smiles with the camera.
He was providing sound effects here:) Swings apparently make a race car noise. Brmmmmm, mmmmm!
And because Daddy was with us, they went down a few slides. Otto was a little shocked at first at the speed, but quickly caught on and enjoyed it.
And when we got home we listened to the Aggie game online (looking forward to next week, it's going to be televised!) and hung out the flag so the neighbors won't have to guess who we are cheering for! :)

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