Thursday, September 8, 2011

Otto's First Lollipop

Alternately titled, 'Otto's Bribe for his Second Haircut'.

Home skillet was starting to look a little shaggy. He has quite a bit of hair, but it grows significantly faster from the crown of his head than anywhere else. It only curls when it's humid, and given that we are currently experiencing extreme drought conditions, it's been pretty stinkin' straight. So, a haircut was in order.

I'm still too chicken to cut it myself, so we stopped at a salon this afternoon. Otto made friends with everyone in the waiting room and when the stylist called his name, literally jumped from me to her. He was so excited it was his turn! She used the clippers, and he did great, most likely because she bribed him with not one but two dum-dums.  Here's the video:)
He only finished half of the lollipop, but that was enough. I swear it gave him super powers! When we got home he learned how to climb onto the couches sans help and opened the bathroom door to play in the toilet which resulted in me burning dinner while disinfecting him. He was a wild child until bedtime!

But doesn't he look handsome?
He also figured out that if you throw your ball down the driveway, Daddy will chase it.

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