Friday, September 23, 2011

Lunch with Daddy Downtown

I seem to be making a habit out of blogging once a week...we just really haven't been up to much, our days are spent chilling at home, taking walks and learning the names of body parts. (Otto can now find your/his nose, ears, and bellybutton!) (Oh, and on Monday he did get his second upper (right) canine, only eight more teeth to go!)

But yesterday we did do something fun. To celebrate Chris working with his company for four years we had lunch downtown. After eating at Potbelly, we walked to the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Otto LOVED it!
In this picture he is trying to take a flying leap into the'll notice this is a recurring theme in most of the pictures. :)
One of the larger pools (attractions/exhibits?) is open for the public to climb down into. To do so you have to walk down slimy, water and algae cover concrete steps with no railing. It makes me nervous so I stayed above, but Chris is pretty sure footed and Otto was PUMPED so down they went.
All the way at the bottom. Chris said Otto was trying his best to get away from him, he really wanted to jump in!
Coming back up!
Yay! So neat!
One more pool, should I look at Mommy?
Or stand on Daddy's belt and check out the water?
As we were leaving we let Otto walk for a bit, it's a really good thing that he isn't that fast with his running skills yet because he immediately made a bee line back towards the water.
If you are in Fort Worth, this is another place to add to your site seeing list. :)

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