Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lunch at the Park

We just can't get enough of the weather, so when Otto developed a case of the grumps after his morning nap, we decided a picnic lunch was what we needed. Poor guy is still working on those silly teeth, but good news, today his upper left canine finally  came in!

Being outside worked like a charm, he perked right up!

On the way we picked up a tuna sandwich and cookies. (Impulse buy, and totally worth it.)
::clapping:: Yay for eating lunch outside!
It was pretty funny how serious he was about this cookie. But don't let the intense face fool you, he ate the whole thing. (Be shocked all you want people, but it helped that stubborn canine finally break through, and I consider it a win.)
After eating dessert lunch, we explored the jungle gym. Even though the weather has been great, we were the only people at the park. Maybe school starting has something to do with that?
Otto is way into climbing these days, he can pull himself up onto the couch if a parent is acting as human ladder. He climbed the steps to the play ground, which made him giggle uncontrollable, and then he did his best to crawl up the inside of a slide.
Up he goes!
Trying to muscle his way up where it got steeper...
And down he goes!
Maybe next time buddy!

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  1. He is SO handsome! I love his little toothy smile!