Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Labor Day! (And the weekend)

Wow, is this weather great or what? We took not one, but two walks yesterday because it is so nice here. Absolutely beautiful and in the seventies.

Juan and Lisa came to visit over the weekend! We loved getting to see them and Otto showed off his walking skills. (Getting better all the time, although he still prefers crawling as his main mode of transportation.) On Saturday we took Juan to Central Market--such a travesty that he had never experienced the greatness of that beautiful grocery store.
I think he thought it was pretty fantastic, which it is. :)

And on Sunday we made a trip to the Stockyards because it's such a Fort Worth thing to do and Chris' parents are the first we've been able to drag along with us!
Otto is currently in a stage of waving and saying 'Hiiii' to everyone. I don't think he had even noticed the cows yet, there were so many people to make friends with:)
When he did see the cows, he was a little suspicious.
But wouldn't you be too, when a giant beast with horns is walking by not three feet in front of you? He's showing great discernment for one so young;)
We did a little walking around the shops and museums, and then stopped for lunch at Risky's Barbeque where Otto flirted scandalously with the waitress. 
Everything about the area has been turned into a very successful tourist venture. You can ride in a stagecouch, watch a mock gunfight (sadly we missed this), get your picture taken on a living Longhorn, and ride a mechanical bull. Otto choose a photo opp sitting on a saddle.
Whenever we visit the Stockyards or downtown I'm always looking for backdrops, someday I want to do family pictures here.  Sarah, what do you think about this one?
We loved seeing you, Juan and Lisa! Come back soon and I'll think of some more interesting places to drag you too!

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  1. We had the best time! Can't wait to come see you three again!