Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Liv!

A whole week between posts? Wow. Losing my touch;)

On Tuesday we got together with our Bradley baby friends and got to meet two week old baby Liv! She is absolutely gorgeous--Kala and Jefferie did a great job!
Liv Hazel
It was so amazing how crazy tiny she is! There is no way Otto was ever that small! We all loved getting some baby snuggle time, it's so nice to hold a baby that isn't trying to squirm away.
Sarah and Sloan (coming in December!) cuddling with Liv
Beautiful girl!
Otto gave Liv about two seconds of attention diving head first into the ball pit. (Joss has an amazing play room)
Otto and Charlotte waiting on lunch. Sadly the baby gates didn't keep Otto from climbing into the dog's water bowl:-/
Look! Joss can style pigtails now:)
We tried for another group picture...which turned out a little better than last time! Sweet Will was not excited about sharing the couch with the other three crazies.
Congrats to Kala and Jefferie on their beautiful new addition and to Joss on her promotion! Liv is perfect!

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