Friday, September 23, 2011

Lunch with Daddy Downtown

I seem to be making a habit out of blogging once a week...we just really haven't been up to much, our days are spent chilling at home, taking walks and learning the names of body parts. (Otto can now find your/his nose, ears, and bellybutton!) (Oh, and on Monday he did get his second upper (right) canine, only eight more teeth to go!)

But yesterday we did do something fun. To celebrate Chris working with his company for four years we had lunch downtown. After eating at Potbelly, we walked to the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Otto LOVED it!
In this picture he is trying to take a flying leap into the'll notice this is a recurring theme in most of the pictures. :)
One of the larger pools (attractions/exhibits?) is open for the public to climb down into. To do so you have to walk down slimy, water and algae cover concrete steps with no railing. It makes me nervous so I stayed above, but Chris is pretty sure footed and Otto was PUMPED so down they went.
All the way at the bottom. Chris said Otto was trying his best to get away from him, he really wanted to jump in!
Coming back up!
Yay! So neat!
One more pool, should I look at Mommy?
Or stand on Daddy's belt and check out the water?
As we were leaving we let Otto walk for a bit, it's a really good thing that he isn't that fast with his running skills yet because he immediately made a bee line back towards the water.
If you are in Fort Worth, this is another place to add to your site seeing list. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday at the Park

We've done a whole lot of nothing this weekend, which is pretty great in my book. Otto is working hard core on another molar, and it finally started breaking through yesterday. We went to the park in the afternoon to offer him a little distraction.

How cute is this?! He looks so big; walking across the bridge to show Daddy the jungle gym.
He thinks he's so big, and crawled right up the 'rock' steps. It was great having Chris with us, I could take pictures and not worry that Otto was going to take a running jump onto the monkey bars.
Poor guy was pretty serious, getting teeth is a very big job. He was happy to be there, I just didn't catch any smiles with the camera.
He was providing sound effects here:) Swings apparently make a race car noise. Brmmmmm, mmmmm!
And because Daddy was with us, they went down a few slides. Otto was a little shocked at first at the speed, but quickly caught on and enjoyed it.
And when we got home we listened to the Aggie game online (looking forward to next week, it's going to be televised!) and hung out the flag so the neighbors won't have to guess who we are cheering for! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Liv!

A whole week between posts? Wow. Losing my touch;)

On Tuesday we got together with our Bradley baby friends and got to meet two week old baby Liv! She is absolutely gorgeous--Kala and Jefferie did a great job!
Liv Hazel
It was so amazing how crazy tiny she is! There is no way Otto was ever that small! We all loved getting some baby snuggle time, it's so nice to hold a baby that isn't trying to squirm away.
Sarah and Sloan (coming in December!) cuddling with Liv
Beautiful girl!
Otto gave Liv about two seconds of attention diving head first into the ball pit. (Joss has an amazing play room)
Otto and Charlotte waiting on lunch. Sadly the baby gates didn't keep Otto from climbing into the dog's water bowl:-/
Look! Joss can style pigtails now:)
We tried for another group picture...which turned out a little better than last time! Sweet Will was not excited about sharing the couch with the other three crazies.
Congrats to Kala and Jefferie on their beautiful new addition and to Joss on her promotion! Liv is perfect!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Otto's First Lollipop

Alternately titled, 'Otto's Bribe for his Second Haircut'.

Home skillet was starting to look a little shaggy. He has quite a bit of hair, but it grows significantly faster from the crown of his head than anywhere else. It only curls when it's humid, and given that we are currently experiencing extreme drought conditions, it's been pretty stinkin' straight. So, a haircut was in order.

I'm still too chicken to cut it myself, so we stopped at a salon this afternoon. Otto made friends with everyone in the waiting room and when the stylist called his name, literally jumped from me to her. He was so excited it was his turn! She used the clippers, and he did great, most likely because she bribed him with not one but two dum-dums.  Here's the video:)
He only finished half of the lollipop, but that was enough. I swear it gave him super powers! When we got home he learned how to climb onto the couches sans help and opened the bathroom door to play in the toilet which resulted in me burning dinner while disinfecting him. He was a wild child until bedtime!

But doesn't he look handsome?
He also figured out that if you throw your ball down the driveway, Daddy will chase it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lunch at the Park

We just can't get enough of the weather, so when Otto developed a case of the grumps after his morning nap, we decided a picnic lunch was what we needed. Poor guy is still working on those silly teeth, but good news, today his upper left canine finally  came in!

Being outside worked like a charm, he perked right up!

On the way we picked up a tuna sandwich and cookies. (Impulse buy, and totally worth it.)
::clapping:: Yay for eating lunch outside!
It was pretty funny how serious he was about this cookie. But don't let the intense face fool you, he ate the whole thing. (Be shocked all you want people, but it helped that stubborn canine finally break through, and I consider it a win.)
After eating dessert lunch, we explored the jungle gym. Even though the weather has been great, we were the only people at the park. Maybe school starting has something to do with that?
Otto is way into climbing these days, he can pull himself up onto the couch if a parent is acting as human ladder. He climbed the steps to the play ground, which made him giggle uncontrollable, and then he did his best to crawl up the inside of a slide.
Up he goes!
Trying to muscle his way up where it got steeper...
And down he goes!
Maybe next time buddy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Labor Day! (And the weekend)

Wow, is this weather great or what? We took not one, but two walks yesterday because it is so nice here. Absolutely beautiful and in the seventies.

Juan and Lisa came to visit over the weekend! We loved getting to see them and Otto showed off his walking skills. (Getting better all the time, although he still prefers crawling as his main mode of transportation.) On Saturday we took Juan to Central Market--such a travesty that he had never experienced the greatness of that beautiful grocery store.
I think he thought it was pretty fantastic, which it is. :)

And on Sunday we made a trip to the Stockyards because it's such a Fort Worth thing to do and Chris' parents are the first we've been able to drag along with us!
Otto is currently in a stage of waving and saying 'Hiiii' to everyone. I don't think he had even noticed the cows yet, there were so many people to make friends with:)
When he did see the cows, he was a little suspicious.
But wouldn't you be too, when a giant beast with horns is walking by not three feet in front of you? He's showing great discernment for one so young;)
We did a little walking around the shops and museums, and then stopped for lunch at Risky's Barbeque where Otto flirted scandalously with the waitress. 
Everything about the area has been turned into a very successful tourist venture. You can ride in a stagecouch, watch a mock gunfight (sadly we missed this), get your picture taken on a living Longhorn, and ride a mechanical bull. Otto choose a photo opp sitting on a saddle.
Whenever we visit the Stockyards or downtown I'm always looking for backdrops, someday I want to do family pictures here.  Sarah, what do you think about this one?
We loved seeing you, Juan and Lisa! Come back soon and I'll think of some more interesting places to drag you too!