Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We got to go home this weekend and saw LOTS of family. Otto not only got to play with both sets of grandparents and the majority of his aunts and uncles, but also cousins from both sides of my family!

He did pretty well handling all of the commotion, only getting a little nervous a few times. (We've hit a mild patch of stranger danger.) Everyone was very quick to reassure him. He is a much loved little boy. So loved in fact that they got him a pony.

Seriously. Michael and Abbey have deemed it "Sunshine" and it will reside at my parents, as we're just not set up for a pony right now.
Cute, isn't it? ;) Otto loved it! It was so adorable how hard he tried to rock it on his own.

We sang happy birthday to him which he thought was the bomb. His reaction is so incredibly cute. I smile every time I look at these pictures.
Singing?! For me? AMAZING!
Abbey made Otto a special miniature birthday frozen peanut butter pie, of which main ingredient is tofu. It was super delicious and he had no idea he was consuming protein by the handful. WIN! Can you tell that he loved it?
(Here's the recipe, we have always used honey. Try it sometime, it won't disappoint!)
After his pie he went directly to the swimming pool where he showed off his bubble skills. No fear at all; his face goes in the water every time.
I am so proud of his water skills...I don't think I reached his level of confidence until I was eleven;)

Did you notice all of the pictures on this post? I got my camera back! Woot! Long awaited beach pictures up next!

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