Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thirteen Months!

Otto is thirteen months old today! Such a big kid!
He is so. much. fun. Everyday his little personality gets bigger and bigger. He thinks the strangest things are funny and cracks up over anything his Dad does. He and Chris are tight. If Daddy is home, Otto is with him insisting on doing 'man stuff'.
He absolutely loves balls, and this week Abbey taught him how to kick them across the room! Pretty impressive for someone who can't walk yet. (We're almost there, he is up to five steps (!) between objects, but it's really more of a lunge not a purposeful walk.)

One of his newest loves are the chalk boards inside the media cabinet. So cute! He actually does a pretty good job and most of the time uses his left hand. (And of course, he is proving me wrong here!)
He's growing like a weed (This poor outfit is reaching it capacity), and eats pretty well. Still can't handle milk and if he doesn't like what is put on his tray he simply clears it with one fail swoop of his hand:-/
We love this boy more and more everyday, happy 13 months Otto!

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