Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snakes in the Pool!

So. We (Otto and I) went to my parents house this past weekend. Abbey had to be returned (sadly), and my childhood friend Anna was in for a surprise visit from Indiana. In turn we threw her a surprise baby shower. (She is due in December with her first, and I am SO excited for her!)

When we visit East Texas, Otto enjoys all the animals (the goats are now 'pu-pu-puppies!'), seeing his fan club, and most of all swimming in pool. On Thursday night he got in with Michael to rinse off before bedtime and they swam for about twenty minutes. Friday was a ridiculously warm day, and poor Otto was a little grouchy from teething so that afternoon he and I got in the water to cool off.

Abbey was taking our picture from the side because hello, I have a blog and it likes pictures. Most of the photos turned out like this because Otto is a wild man in the water. :)
 Love how he is giving the stink-eye here--Why would you make me stop swimming?!
After about ten minutes of loud splashing, swimming around, and teasing the dog, I looked into the filter, (which we were about two feet away from and had been for most of the time we were in the water. The light was best from that angle.) and see the drooping mid segment of a snake!
I am very proud of myself for not panicking. I mean, we were in the middle of the pool and I was holding a baby who probably would have thought that a snake swimming towards us was neat. And in the water running is basically glorified moon walking, not really possible. We did make it out however without disturbing the snake thank goodness. It's not like you can really aim for a snake's eyes like you would a shark. (Please tell me someone else thinks about these things...they're important!)

Israel was a total doll and immediately came out to defend us. (Michael and Dad were at soccer practice.)
The snake wasn't actually in the filter, instead it was resting between the filter and concrete patio. Even  if I had had the foresight to actually check for snakes in the filter, I wouldn't have been able to see it.

Israel used an arrow to fling the snake into the middle of the pool, where he scooped it up with a net. It was a very angry little snake and kept striking at anything in range. Because it was of the poisonous variety and would most likely be back (looking for water) it was dispatched to the land of good snakes. (Dead ones!)
Even after it's head was separted from it's body, it continued to bite. Mean little dude.
Needless to say, the pool will be thoughly checked if  we ever decide to get back in!
PS: Otto got his first molar sometime during the night Thursday! He is now working on two more and both canines...by next month he should be ready for steak!

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  1. Israel is also my go to snake guy!! He is my hero. Any one who would drive all the way across town when I called in a panic and loudly dispatch the nasty creature...deserves hero status.