Thursday, August 11, 2011

Otto at 12 Months

Excuse me, Otto at one year. It's like a switch flipped on his birthday, he knows that he is a big kid now. Over the last two weeks his behavior and demeanor have changed dramatically.

It's not uncommon to find him standing hands-free, and a few days ago he discovered that pushing a walking toy is fun! He will even take a step or two while lunging from one piece of furniture to another. Walking is not far in the future! He is becoming quite the linguist, and seems to speak several dialects of baby. Everyday his babbling sounds different and he has added several new sounds including 'h' and shrieking. The latter is not a favorite of mine:-/ He has also copies sound that you make, and thinks it great when you repeat a silly noise that he has made.

He has learned to point. And point he does. At random things like the chalkboard (inside our media center), and the he will proceed to babel quite dramtically until you carry him over to scrape his fingers nails down it. And he thinks it hilarious. Where did we get this kid? People actually enjoy that noise?! He also thinks his tongue is a fun toy, this age is the best! 

His good eating patterns have flown out the window. Heaven forbid he eat anything remotely nutritious, and protein is not his thing. Fruit, he will eat in any variety whenever it is offered, but man can not live on blueberries and grapes alone. If you have any tips I would love them! He has also shifted his love of spoons to forks. Once he learned to actually get things to his mouth on a spoon (literally like three bites later), he tossed it to the floor and demanded a fork.  If it's not challenging, it's not worth doing. Yesterday he did succeed spearing a noodle, hopefully one makes it to his mouth soon! Thankfully he has decided that nursing is cool least he is getting some nutrients from that.

He inherited the ticklish gene from his Dad, but actually enjoys being tickled. (Chris assumes the fetal position if you even mention the word) Otto will encourage you to tickled him and then try to crawl away shrieking (only time it's cute!) before stopping so you can catch him and continue.  He also loves to wrestle and has mastered the 'punch you in the trachea' move that can lay a parent flat in under three seconds. I'm sure he doesn't mean any harm (most of the time!) his constant tackling stems from his desire to be with you all the time. He loves to be involved in whatever Chris or I am doing; cooking dinner is difficult while holding a 24 pound person!

No post is complete without pictures (hence the lack of camera is in route though!), tonight my guys took me to dinner for my birthday. They also got me a kindle which is so neat! I love it already.

Otto had spotted a puppy:)

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  1. He is so big!! Love that little guy!! (and y'all too!)