Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It has been a day.

Not a bad day per-say, but definitely a day. Otto and I hung out at home, he is still recovering from a summer cold and is super snotty. Happy as a clam, but full of mucous. I had to suction his poor little nose three times so he could breathe while nursing. He HATES it, and I'm not a huge fan myself. We have every kind of nasal aspirator on the market and sadly he hates them all, although I will say that the Nose-Frieda is the most effective. And now that he is one, he has learned how to fight back...I caught a few kicks in the stomach this afternoon that couldn't have possibly come from someone who is just a measly twelve months old. :(

To apologize for the suction torture, we colored for a little bit before lunch. I was folding up the crayons when he decided to get a little creative and decorate the dryer.
Look at that independent standing!
Is it silly to be proud of him? I mean seriously, that's pretty dang good for a three day crayon user. And he picked green! Sign of a genius!
I couldn't even correct him for making a mess, I did however get on to him a little when he ate the crayon. :-/
And because I couldn't let Otto be the only one to make a mess today, while making dinner this evening I dropped a full container of oatmeal on the pantry floor. Otto was playing on the pantry floor (read: clearing the shelves) (Hey! Don't hate, it keeps him entertained. Otherwise he would be finding a way to open the oven, kid you not.) and was amazed at the mess.

He was a doll and cleaned it up for me.
I still haven't wiped down the dryer...think it will stay there for awhile, too cute to erase!

While making dinner I burned my finger on a skillet, took a piece off the end of my thumb with the potato slicer, and then chopped an onion. Smart, smart, move. I was really feeling intelligent at that point.

It's been a little of an in the mommy trenches kind of day. But the sheets on my bed are freshly washed, the kiddo ate fairly well, and I actually made it to the gym in time to watch 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'.

Beach pictures next, promise promise.

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  1. Wow what a day!! Sounds like a day I'd have. lol You don't have to suction his nose at this age. Show him how to blow thru his nose.

    Just a word of caution, if you allow him to color on the dryer, he may go to another big surface like a wall. It won't be so cute. Too late for correction now, but remember that for the future.