Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Can I just say again how fantastic Colorado was?! It's nice just to have a change of pace and scenery every once and a while, but when the scenery is so beautiful it's doubly amazing.

The group in the valley below the cabin!
Jessica, Shawn, Leo (Charlie), Sonia, Susan, Chris, Otto, myself, and Janay!

The people who made this trip possible. Thank you Leo and Sonia!!
The cabin, on a hill eleven thousand feet up. Climbing to the second floor was killer! The first morning we were there we took a walk down the hill (and then we had to climb back up!) to the creek. Otto was still in his pajamas with a hoodie on top, had to keep the baby warm! Temperatures were in the seventies while we were there but dropped to the forties at night.
In the creek! Otto loved the moving water. I was my favorite part too; so clear, Chris' feet are covered (and numb) in this picture.
The guys were a little nuts and decided that tubing the 'river' was a great idea. They were freezing but said after about three minutes you went numb and couldn't feel the pain anymore:-/ Needless to say none of the girls were convinced to join the fun.
We spend a few afternoons in Breckenridge, which is such a cute touristy town. The flowers were amazing and everywhere. So fresh and brilliant.
I got to go white water rafting while Chris and Otto had an adventure day. (They went for a hike where Otto saw his first deer and drank from a stream!)
We really enjoyed the change in daily routine, getting to spend lots of time together was so great! We took lots of walks, one afternoon walking/hiking to a small water fall near the cabin. Otto loved the off road adventure in the stroller, lots of bumps! He sported his mohawk for the ladies:)
Pushing the stroller picture, we've still got it! ;)
Our attempt at a family picture, Otto is a mover these days. Charlie (the Dressler's dog) was just out of the picture and Otto desperately wanted to catch him:)
Otto is a mess these days, wanting up, then down again. He loves to ride on your shoulders, but it can be hazardous to the carrier.
We really had an awesome time and are so grateful to the Dressler's for inviting us to join them. Thank you Leo and Sonia!
Birthday pictures next!

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