Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colorado (Part Two)

The week in Colorado was a big one for Otto, not only did he turn ONE but he also learned a few new words (puppy, baby) and how to open doors! There was no stopping his constant exploration of the cabin, and everyone's belongings, poor Charlie had no place to rest from the Otto adoration. He is such a sweet dog and was very patient with the constant mauling. 
He also traveled to two new states, only forty-eight to go!
New Mexico!
We happened to stop at the state line at the same time as the US Army Rugby team. One of the team members even took a family picture for us! Sadly, you really can't see all of our faces because of the sun:(
On Otto's birthday we took a walk and tried to get a few pictures of our busy little guy. We didn't have much luck because there were so many distractions (stream, grass, chipmunk!), but we did get a few keepers. 
This is the stream that he drank out of later in the week! The boy is strong in this one. 
Otto and Daddy! They were spinning in circles trying for a smile, promise we don't hold him like that all the time!
Otto and Mommy! We've come a long way from last year and we both survived!
That evening we had Otto's current favorite meal, spaghetti, for dinner before eating cupcakes!
We got one of each that the store had and they were delicious! Otto had the Snowflake cupcake, which was vanilla cake with butter cream icing. He LOVED it and put on quite a show eating it. 
At 9:15 (central time) I snuck in and took an 'exactly one year later' picture.  He changed just a little! :)

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