Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aunt Abbey!

Okay, so I know I keep promising beach pictures, but things keep happening that are blog worthy and the poor beach trip keeps getting bumped. They are coming. Eventually. Promise. (Again)

Yesterday, my Mom and Abbey made a spur of the moment trip to see us. (My Dad had a change in flight plans) They got to our house in time for dinner, and the best part is Abbey gets to stay the week with us! Granted school starts for her on Monday, so we will be up to our ears in online classwork, but she gets to hang out with us when she is done! Otto is beyond ecstatic and has shown her around the entire house including his special hangout in the pantry.  He is such a show off and pulled out several special moves in the swimming pool tonight which resulted drinking about half in the water.
They have been playing together all day, and it is so stinkin' cute how much he likes her. (Sarah, Abbey would like me to point out that he has hugged her several times today.)

Not only did my Mom bring Abbey for Otto's entertainment, she also brought his pony! He was so happy to see it.
For dinner tonight we made Southwestern egg rolls using the baby deep fryer...much, much better than the previous attempts that were baked. Fried food is amazing. 
Except for forgetting the spinach in the filling, they were fantastic! I recommend that everyone go out and buy a baby deep fryer. Immediately.
Excuse the darkness of the pictures, I am trying to learn how to use the light scoop but obviously my efforts are quite enough. :-/

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