Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snakes in the Pool!

So. We (Otto and I) went to my parents house this past weekend. Abbey had to be returned (sadly), and my childhood friend Anna was in for a surprise visit from Indiana. In turn we threw her a surprise baby shower. (She is due in December with her first, and I am SO excited for her!)

When we visit East Texas, Otto enjoys all the animals (the goats are now 'pu-pu-puppies!'), seeing his fan club, and most of all swimming in pool. On Thursday night he got in with Michael to rinse off before bedtime and they swam for about twenty minutes. Friday was a ridiculously warm day, and poor Otto was a little grouchy from teething so that afternoon he and I got in the water to cool off.

Abbey was taking our picture from the side because hello, I have a blog and it likes pictures. Most of the photos turned out like this because Otto is a wild man in the water. :)
 Love how he is giving the stink-eye here--Why would you make me stop swimming?!
After about ten minutes of loud splashing, swimming around, and teasing the dog, I looked into the filter, (which we were about two feet away from and had been for most of the time we were in the water. The light was best from that angle.) and see the drooping mid segment of a snake!
I am very proud of myself for not panicking. I mean, we were in the middle of the pool and I was holding a baby who probably would have thought that a snake swimming towards us was neat. And in the water running is basically glorified moon walking, not really possible. We did make it out however without disturbing the snake thank goodness. It's not like you can really aim for a snake's eyes like you would a shark. (Please tell me someone else thinks about these things...they're important!)

Israel was a total doll and immediately came out to defend us. (Michael and Dad were at soccer practice.)
The snake wasn't actually in the filter, instead it was resting between the filter and concrete patio. Even  if I had had the foresight to actually check for snakes in the filter, I wouldn't have been able to see it.

Israel used an arrow to fling the snake into the middle of the pool, where he scooped it up with a net. It was a very angry little snake and kept striking at anything in range. Because it was of the poisonous variety and would most likely be back (looking for water) it was dispatched to the land of good snakes. (Dead ones!)
Even after it's head was separted from it's body, it continued to bite. Mean little dude.
Needless to say, the pool will be thoughly checked if  we ever decide to get back in!
PS: Otto got his first molar sometime during the night Thursday! He is now working on two more and both canines...by next month he should be ready for steak!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thirteen Months!

Otto is thirteen months old today! Such a big kid!
He is so. much. fun. Everyday his little personality gets bigger and bigger. He thinks the strangest things are funny and cracks up over anything his Dad does. He and Chris are tight. If Daddy is home, Otto is with him insisting on doing 'man stuff'.
He absolutely loves balls, and this week Abbey taught him how to kick them across the room! Pretty impressive for someone who can't walk yet. (We're almost there, he is up to five steps (!) between objects, but it's really more of a lunge not a purposeful walk.)

One of his newest loves are the chalk boards inside the media cabinet. So cute! He actually does a pretty good job and most of the time uses his left hand. (And of course, he is proving me wrong here!)
He's growing like a weed (This poor outfit is reaching it capacity), and eats pretty well. Still can't handle milk and if he doesn't like what is put on his tray he simply clears it with one fail swoop of his hand:-/
We love this boy more and more everyday, happy 13 months Otto!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun with Abbey!

Otto is absolutely loving having his Aunt Abbey around! And I am too, all the extra help chasing has been terrific!

Today, after Abbey finished her school we ran a few errands. First stop was the library where Otto did his usual exploring. He's a crazy child at the library, you can barely keep up with him.

After the library we stopped at PetsMart. Otto loves animals and we were hoping there would be a few puppies to see. Sadly there were only cats in the adoption section, but there was a dog being groomed that he got excited about and he really enjoyed the fish.

But did you know you can't take pictures in PetsMart? You can't. Strange. We only got a few before we found this out via a grouchy employee. :-/

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aunt Abbey!

Okay, so I know I keep promising beach pictures, but things keep happening that are blog worthy and the poor beach trip keeps getting bumped. They are coming. Eventually. Promise. (Again)

Yesterday, my Mom and Abbey made a spur of the moment trip to see us. (My Dad had a change in flight plans) They got to our house in time for dinner, and the best part is Abbey gets to stay the week with us! Granted school starts for her on Monday, so we will be up to our ears in online classwork, but she gets to hang out with us when she is done! Otto is beyond ecstatic and has shown her around the entire house including his special hangout in the pantry.  He is such a show off and pulled out several special moves in the swimming pool tonight which resulted drinking about half in the water.
They have been playing together all day, and it is so stinkin' cute how much he likes her. (Sarah, Abbey would like me to point out that he has hugged her several times today.)

Not only did my Mom bring Abbey for Otto's entertainment, she also brought his pony! He was so happy to see it.
For dinner tonight we made Southwestern egg rolls using the baby deep fryer...much, much better than the previous attempts that were baked. Fried food is amazing. 
Except for forgetting the spinach in the filling, they were fantastic! I recommend that everyone go out and buy a baby deep fryer. Immediately.
Excuse the darkness of the pictures, I am trying to learn how to use the light scoop but obviously my efforts are quite enough. :-/

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It has been a day.

Not a bad day per-say, but definitely a day. Otto and I hung out at home, he is still recovering from a summer cold and is super snotty. Happy as a clam, but full of mucous. I had to suction his poor little nose three times so he could breathe while nursing. He HATES it, and I'm not a huge fan myself. We have every kind of nasal aspirator on the market and sadly he hates them all, although I will say that the Nose-Frieda is the most effective. And now that he is one, he has learned how to fight back...I caught a few kicks in the stomach this afternoon that couldn't have possibly come from someone who is just a measly twelve months old. :(

To apologize for the suction torture, we colored for a little bit before lunch. I was folding up the crayons when he decided to get a little creative and decorate the dryer.
Look at that independent standing!
Is it silly to be proud of him? I mean seriously, that's pretty dang good for a three day crayon user. And he picked green! Sign of a genius!
I couldn't even correct him for making a mess, I did however get on to him a little when he ate the crayon. :-/
And because I couldn't let Otto be the only one to make a mess today, while making dinner this evening I dropped a full container of oatmeal on the pantry floor. Otto was playing on the pantry floor (read: clearing the shelves) (Hey! Don't hate, it keeps him entertained. Otherwise he would be finding a way to open the oven, kid you not.) and was amazed at the mess.

He was a doll and cleaned it up for me.
I still haven't wiped down the dryer...think it will stay there for awhile, too cute to erase!

While making dinner I burned my finger on a skillet, took a piece off the end of my thumb with the potato slicer, and then chopped an onion. Smart, smart, move. I was really feeling intelligent at that point.

It's been a little of an in the mommy trenches kind of day. But the sheets on my bed are freshly washed, the kiddo ate fairly well, and I actually made it to the gym in time to watch 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'.

Beach pictures next, promise promise.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We got to go home this weekend and saw LOTS of family. Otto not only got to play with both sets of grandparents and the majority of his aunts and uncles, but also cousins from both sides of my family!

He did pretty well handling all of the commotion, only getting a little nervous a few times. (We've hit a mild patch of stranger danger.) Everyone was very quick to reassure him. He is a much loved little boy. So loved in fact that they got him a pony.

Seriously. Michael and Abbey have deemed it "Sunshine" and it will reside at my parents, as we're just not set up for a pony right now.
Cute, isn't it? ;) Otto loved it! It was so adorable how hard he tried to rock it on his own.

We sang happy birthday to him which he thought was the bomb. His reaction is so incredibly cute. I smile every time I look at these pictures.
Singing?! For me? AMAZING!
Abbey made Otto a special miniature birthday frozen peanut butter pie, of which main ingredient is tofu. It was super delicious and he had no idea he was consuming protein by the handful. WIN! Can you tell that he loved it?
(Here's the recipe, we have always used honey. Try it sometime, it won't disappoint!)
After his pie he went directly to the swimming pool where he showed off his bubble skills. No fear at all; his face goes in the water every time.
I am so proud of his water skills...I don't think I reached his level of confidence until I was eleven;)

Did you notice all of the pictures on this post? I got my camera back! Woot! Long awaited beach pictures up next!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Otto at 12 Months

Excuse me, Otto at one year. It's like a switch flipped on his birthday, he knows that he is a big kid now. Over the last two weeks his behavior and demeanor have changed dramatically.

It's not uncommon to find him standing hands-free, and a few days ago he discovered that pushing a walking toy is fun! He will even take a step or two while lunging from one piece of furniture to another. Walking is not far in the future! He is becoming quite the linguist, and seems to speak several dialects of baby. Everyday his babbling sounds different and he has added several new sounds including 'h' and shrieking. The latter is not a favorite of mine:-/ He has also copies sound that you make, and thinks it great when you repeat a silly noise that he has made.

He has learned to point. And point he does. At random things like the chalkboard (inside our media center), and the he will proceed to babel quite dramtically until you carry him over to scrape his fingers nails down it. And he thinks it hilarious. Where did we get this kid? People actually enjoy that noise?! He also thinks his tongue is a fun toy, this age is the best! 

His good eating patterns have flown out the window. Heaven forbid he eat anything remotely nutritious, and protein is not his thing. Fruit, he will eat in any variety whenever it is offered, but man can not live on blueberries and grapes alone. If you have any tips I would love them! He has also shifted his love of spoons to forks. Once he learned to actually get things to his mouth on a spoon (literally like three bites later), he tossed it to the floor and demanded a fork.  If it's not challenging, it's not worth doing. Yesterday he did succeed spearing a noodle, hopefully one makes it to his mouth soon! Thankfully he has decided that nursing is cool again...at least he is getting some nutrients from that.

He inherited the ticklish gene from his Dad, but actually enjoys being tickled. (Chris assumes the fetal position if you even mention the word) Otto will encourage you to tickled him and then try to crawl away shrieking (only time it's cute!) before stopping so you can catch him and continue.  He also loves to wrestle and has mastered the 'punch you in the trachea' move that can lay a parent flat in under three seconds. I'm sure he doesn't mean any harm (most of the time!) his constant tackling stems from his desire to be with you all the time. He loves to be involved in whatever Chris or I am doing; cooking dinner is difficult while holding a 24 pound person!

No post is complete without pictures (hence the lack of posting...my camera is in route though!), tonight my guys took me to dinner for my birthday. They also got me a kindle which is so neat! I love it already.

Otto had spotted a puppy:)

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Year Doctor's Appointment

Otto had his one year check-up on Wednesday. Here are his stats just for the record!

Height: 32 5//8 inches (over 95th percentile)
Weight: 23 pounds 10 ounces (65th percentile)

Still a big kid, but definitely slimming down, probably because he insists on feeding himself. We need to improve this boy's aim, most of makes it onto the spoon falls off halfway to his mouth!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colorado (Part Two)

The week in Colorado was a big one for Otto, not only did he turn ONE but he also learned a few new words (puppy, baby) and how to open doors! There was no stopping his constant exploration of the cabin, and everyone's belongings, poor Charlie had no place to rest from the Otto adoration. He is such a sweet dog and was very patient with the constant mauling. 
He also traveled to two new states, only forty-eight to go!
New Mexico!
We happened to stop at the state line at the same time as the US Army Rugby team. One of the team members even took a family picture for us! Sadly, you really can't see all of our faces because of the sun:(
On Otto's birthday we took a walk and tried to get a few pictures of our busy little guy. We didn't have much luck because there were so many distractions (stream, grass, chipmunk!), but we did get a few keepers. 
This is the stream that he drank out of later in the week! The boy is strong in this one. 
Otto and Daddy! They were spinning in circles trying for a smile, promise we don't hold him like that all the time!
Otto and Mommy! We've come a long way from last year and we both survived!
That evening we had Otto's current favorite meal, spaghetti, for dinner before eating cupcakes!
We got one of each that the store had and they were delicious! Otto had the Snowflake cupcake, which was vanilla cake with butter cream icing. He LOVED it and put on quite a show eating it. 
At 9:15 (central time) I snuck in and took an 'exactly one year later' picture.  He changed just a little! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Can I just say again how fantastic Colorado was?! It's nice just to have a change of pace and scenery every once and a while, but when the scenery is so beautiful it's doubly amazing.

The group in the valley below the cabin!
Jessica, Shawn, Leo (Charlie), Sonia, Susan, Chris, Otto, myself, and Janay!

The people who made this trip possible. Thank you Leo and Sonia!!
The cabin, on a hill eleven thousand feet up. Climbing to the second floor was killer! The first morning we were there we took a walk down the hill (and then we had to climb back up!) to the creek. Otto was still in his pajamas with a hoodie on top, had to keep the baby warm! Temperatures were in the seventies while we were there but dropped to the forties at night.
In the creek! Otto loved the moving water. I was my favorite part too; so clear, Chris' feet are covered (and numb) in this picture.
The guys were a little nuts and decided that tubing the 'river' was a great idea. They were freezing but said after about three minutes you went numb and couldn't feel the pain anymore:-/ Needless to say none of the girls were convinced to join the fun.
We spend a few afternoons in Breckenridge, which is such a cute touristy town. The flowers were amazing and everywhere. So fresh and brilliant.
I got to go white water rafting while Chris and Otto had an adventure day. (They went for a hike where Otto saw his first deer and drank from a stream!)
We really enjoyed the change in daily routine, getting to spend lots of time together was so great! We took lots of walks, one afternoon walking/hiking to a small water fall near the cabin. Otto loved the off road adventure in the stroller, lots of bumps! He sported his mohawk for the ladies:)
Pushing the stroller picture, we've still got it! ;)
Our attempt at a family picture, Otto is a mover these days. Charlie (the Dressler's dog) was just out of the picture and Otto desperately wanted to catch him:)
Otto is a mess these days, wanting up, then down again. He loves to ride on your shoulders, but it can be hazardous to the carrier.
We really had an awesome time and are so grateful to the Dressler's for inviting us to join them. Thank you Leo and Sonia!
Birthday pictures next!