Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Day one!

Otto woke up earlier than normal today, about 6:45, and consequently was about thirty minutes ahead with his routine. As soon I got him out of his crib he was on the hunt for his spatula, which he found in the living room. How cute are these pajamas? For some reason he looks so old in plaid pajama pants!

After nursing we played for a bit before jumping on cuddling with Chris to wake him up. Otto is excellent at waking up his Dad, it's either wake up and catch him or let him take a nose dive off the bed;) Chris generally wakes up.

While Chris got ready for the day, Otto play in his bathtub fort (garden style tub full of toys, don't laugh it works!) and I packed Chris a lunch of leftover grilled sausage. After waving good bye to his Dad (Otto follows him to the car every morning, I'm sure he would climb in and say 'See you later, Mom!' if he was physically able.) we had breakfast and a little playtime before Otto was ready for his first nap. Poor guy was a little grumpy today, I think he is starting to seriously work on his molars.

While he was sleeping I tidied up in the kitchen and puttied the nail holes in the bookcase from our room. Last night Chris and I carried it to the back porch so it can finally be painted.  During the transfer from bedroom to porch we succeeded in pulling off the back board...oops!
I think it's going to be painted white, but I'm open to suggestions!

Because of the short fuse Otto had today we stayed close to home after his nap instead of running errands. We had lunch (tuna and wild rice) and played with just about every toy that we have, by that then it was time for nap number two. (Naps are nine and one right now.) While he was resting I did a little laundry and tried to finish a few sewing projects, but sadly my machine was have a grumpy day too. He took a great nap, two hours, and woke up in a much better mood.

Around four we headed to the gym where Otto played in the nursery while I spent a little quality time on a treadmill. Thankfully there weren't many people in the cardio room and I was able to put in my time without being shown up by a senior citizen. :)

Otto was the only baby in the child care center and the babysitter greeted him by name. We've only been twice, so it made me feel a little better about leaving him to play for a bit. He really enjoys all the extra attention and today they had a playroom pet, two yellow belly turtles, which he thought were great.

When we got home it was time to start dinner. Otto was super excited to see his Dad and played peek'a'boo with him using the dining room curtains during dinner. And now it's bedtime!

See? Super riveting day. Tune in tomorrow for more of the same!

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