Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today was, well, exhausting. We didn't do much but Otto was very involved in whatever I was doing and just a little clingy. I'm pretty sure that his teeth are bothering him and are the cause, but they are no where near ready to come in so the next few weeks might be pretty rough. :(

He woke up at 5:30 this morning but immediately went back to sleep after nursing and then slept until 7:40. Woohoo! Thirty extra minutes of sleep for me! After waking Chris up, Otto had breakfast while I packed Chris a lunch and put on my tennis shoes. When Chris left for work, we when for a walk. It was eighty degrees at 8:30 this morning which is much nicer than the 100+ temperatures we've had all week.

Otto went nuts for a little dog that had escaped from its yard. He was so excited to see a puppy! He seems to prefer little dogs to big right now. He is generally in awe of large dogs but literally chases small ones:)
He almost jumped out of the stroller! It has a five point harness, but I have only been using the bottom two because one top latches was missing part of the buckle. Needless to say, when we got home that was immediately remedied.
Otto went down for his morning nap and I cleaned up a little, had breakfast (turkey sandwich), and took a shower. When he woke up we took a trip to Goodwill because I don't enough projects to work on already, including the barely touched bookcase on the back porch. We had a pretty successful trip, found a mirror and a tool storage rack for the garage!

It was lunch time when we got home, and Otto had corn, black beans, and a little leftover tuna with wild rice. 
He hasn't really had corn as a finger food and apparently he doesn't like it. He ate everything but the corn and when I tried to sneak a piece into a bite he spit only the corn out! This is his tray when he was done:) Two spoons and lots of corn.
After lunch we played for a bit and then Otto went down for his nap. He took two fantastic naps today, both two hours long. After he woke up we played, made dinner, and got into the trash about fifteen times. (Him, not me...I got to clean it up:)) We even took a bath in the big bath tub in an effort to take his mind of the grumpiness. Chris had to work late and didn't get home until seven. Otto was very happy to see him and stayed up until all of seven thirty before he crashed.

Chris and I are now both sitting at the dining room table with our computers, Thursday night full of fun!

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