Sunday, July 10, 2011


This morning started way to early. Otto was up and ready to go at 6:40 this morning:-/ We got up and had breakfast before playing in the living room for awhile. About 8:15 he realized that getting up early is for the birds and went down for a nap...I sadly did not, but uninterrupted time in the bathroom was nice. Forty-five minutes later he was up again and ready to wake up his Dad.

We went to church and sat in our usual spot in the media room. Otto was a bit of a stinker today, Chris had to take him outside to play on the play ground because he got a little loud. Crazy kid is at an rough stage of development, physically very able but lacking communication skills to express his wants and needs. He is also still learning boundaries and what exactly it means when we tell him 'No'.  But he's super cute!

Cindy hung a puppy dog key chain from the storage rack and Otto was fascinated by it. The family that operates the media room are very sweet to Otto and humor his very inquisitive nature.

We came straight home after church because our 'up at the crack of dawn, took a short morning nap' boy was very ready for lunch and a nap.  While he slept Chris added some mounting hardware to a mirror for me and I caulked the frame we made for Otto's bathroom mirror. Now it just needs a quick coat of paint and it will be done!

When the munchkin woke up we played for a while in the living room. He is really enjoying this toy his Nana sent home with us. He can even use all of it's functions correctly, smart kiddo!

Otto has started a lovely new activity called self weaning. At least, I think that is what is going on. For the past several days he only wants to nurse at bed or nap time, any other meals need to be big kid food. Even first thing in the morning he will only take one side before being ready to get down and play. He is obviously hungry but doesn't have the skills to feed himself 100% and won't let us spoon feed him. So today we decided to try a little whole milk in a sippy cup. He thought it was okay, but only drank about an ounce. Because of his milk intolerance in the past we are going to wait 48 hours and watch for reactions. If he can't handle cow's milk we will try a sippy of soy milk at meal/snack times to boost his protein intake. Does anyone have experience with this? Is he trying to wean? He's only 11 months, I'm not ready for this! 

Shawn and Jessica invited us over for dinner (which was delicious!) at their new apartment. Otto was so, so excited to chase their cats...the poor cats were a little less enthusiastic about the situation. He also surprised me and climbed right up the staircase without any hesitations. I am now very, very glad we live in a one story house!

While we were eating, Otto, who was sitting at the table in his booster seat, started CLAPPING! I, true to form, started freaking out because he finally decided to clap!!! Chris was less impressed because apparently this was old news as Otto had clapped for him several days ago. What?! How did I miss such a event? One that I have been coaching him on forever? Oh well, but for the record, he now claps! And it is so stinkin' cute.

Now we are home, the kidlet is in bed, and we will be heading that way shortly. Goodnight!

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  1. I must say I have the cutesy nephew EVER! He is getting so big. :( Kind of bitter sweet for me. I can't imagine how you feel about it, Lydia.