Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today gets an exclamation point because it was a great day. Having Chris home is wonderful.:)

Otto and I went for a walk this morning right after breakfast (Chris was playing basketball with friends) and stopped at the three (count them, three!) garage sales in our neighborhood. We met several neighbors, including a family with twins. We had to go back with the Pathfinder to pick up our finds:)
The hall table and ivy pots are what we found today, everything else is a combination of Goodwill and Nana's house. I'm just terrible about remembering to unload the car, it's empty now, promise!

Otto went down for his nap right before Chris got home. Lucky boy too...Chris was nasty. Three hours of pick-up games and a couple of blisters=a good time in his book.
After Otto's nap and a change of clothes for Chris, we made a trip to Lowe's with a stop at Cici's for lunch. Otto is BIG fan of pasta with red sauce and thought it was great that the noodles were big enough to pick up and feed to himself. The bib was the only thing that remained clean:-/
At Lowe's we purchased supplies for my latest crazy scheme. No, the bookcase isn't finished yet, but my excuse is I can paint it anytime, but I need Chris to help with the miter saw.
See? He does a great job. He also replaced the blades on the porch ceiling fan.
Look what we did! Much better right?  It took us all of nap time and about thirty minutes after Otto when to sleep for the night. Hopefully we'll get a little faster when we do the mirrors in our bathroom. (This is Otto's bathroom.)
This afternoon we played, had dinner, and Otto went swimming in the kiddie pool. He was more interested in the water spigot than the water in the pool and actually stood unassisted for about twenty seconds becuase he was so distracted. Walking is just around the corner!

Now Chris and I are about to find something on Netflix to watch. Hope everyone had as good of a day as we did!


  1. Great job! I'm a new follower! I love the framed mirror, I never liked a mirror just slapped on a wall.

  2. Miter saw???? I am sooo proud!!! That looks great!