Friday, July 8, 2011


Woot, woot, it's Friday!

Today Otto got up at 7:40, thirty minutes later than normal again. A girl could get used to this! Chris got up and off to work while we ate breakfast and got ready for the day.  I was sans caffeine today until about noon, and remarkably did just fine. Those thirty extra minutes must really be doing something;)

When Otto went down for his morning nap I cleaned the master bath and worked on the bookcase for a bit. The outside is now primed! And thanks to a brisk breeze I'm now a few shades whiter than normal.
I also started re-staining a little display shelf that I absconded with from my parents house last weekend. It was my mother's when she was a child and originally came from Germany. Isn't it cute? I love the scalloping. 
At this point Otto got up from his delightfully short (45 minute) nap but he was sweet enough to play in his bathtub fort while I showered. Then we moved to the living room and I made a few alterations to an outfit that I am making for a friend's baby...this is the first thing I have made for someone else, and I'm very afriad that it will fall apart the first time they wash it!

When I finished we heading out the door to run a few errands. I needed to make a few returns and stop at the monogram shop. Of course today also happened to be the hottest day of the year yet, only 108 in DFW.  Our last stop was at Aldi, because I have a sickness when it comes to grocery stores.
While we were there we picked up a few new snacks for Otto to try, raisins, dried cranberries, and canned asparagus. He tried the cranberries and asparagus at dinner tonight and while he didn't really like the fibrous texture of the latter, he loved the cranberries!

When we got home, there was a package from my mom waiting in the mail box! And guess what was inside? Spoons for Otto! He was ecstatic about his new toys.
He even managed to sneak one into bed with him at nap time. You can't see it here, but when I went to get him after he woke up he was grinning ear to ear holding a spoon.
Look how big he's getting, isn't it sad?

Between nap time and getting dinner (breakfast night) ready, Otto and I rehung a few decorative objects in the master bedroom. Why you ask? Last night after I blogged Chris suggested rearranging the bedroom. Being my mother's child I thought this was a great idea, and so at 10:30pm we were moving the bed and dresser. When the bookcase's facelift is complete and is back in place I'll post pictures.

At dinner Otto was playing entertainer and kept repeating the word ball after Chris. In the past it has always come out 'bah' but tonight he mastered the whole word. Go buddy!

We are now back at the dining room table playing with our computers...and being the wild and crazy people that we are we might go finish rehanging everything in a bit:) Night!

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