Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby Apron

Otto is all boy. Complete with the messy eating habits that stem from his desire to squish things before putting them into his mouth. Because of this, most of his outfits have permanent stains. Now, I realize this comes with having a little person who is learning to feed himself, but still would like to get more than a wearing or two out of his church clothes before they are designated for play only.

We've tried just about every bib on the market. Most are too short, and we end up with a pile of food in his lap, and the bibs with pockets (plastic) make too much noise and are distracting. He's too busy playing to eat! Meal time at home generally consists of a naked baby in the high chair with a pool dunk after eating to clean him up. In public this just doesn't work;)

He also loves to figure out how things work, and has learned to to take off the bibs we have with Velcro attachments. I've made a few that are reenforced with snaps, but once again they still aren't long enough to actually protect his clothes. So, when I came across this pattern last week I was super excited to try it. It ties and extends past his waist, win! If I ever meet this mom in real life it's going to be awkward, because I'm going to walk right up and hug her neck for sharing such a great idea.

The Bapron!
If you are an expectant mommy or have a little person in your life, trust me, you are going to want to make a few of these!
Now, granted these aren't fool proof. Yesterday we were running around town getting a few things done and Otto was snacking on nuggets and fruit from Chick'fil'a. As soon as he figured out that his shirt was safe from crumbs and chicken juice, he rubbed a nugget in his hair and we finished our errands grease mohawk:) 

And the spoon. It's how he accessorizes these days. I cleaned his room today and found two baby spoons and my favorite kitchen spoon. Let's just be glad he's not into forks :)


  1. lol! love the bapron, and now I will know who the random stranger who hugs me someday is! ;)

  2. seriously too cute! what site did you get the pattern off of? My grandmother is teaching me to sew!

  3. Love this idea! Jackson would literally rip off every bib and now he mostly eats without his shirt on (at home) and if we're out and his shirt gets stained, I've become a master at mixing Shout and Dreft Stain Removers and can get out almost any stain :). Aren't little boys fun?!

  4. We solved this when our babes were little. Nothing but a diaper in the Summer. The house is never cold in the winter so it works. If we were out somewhere, I'd just take off their shirt, and pants, and they would just have the onesie on. Once they got biggie, Zout became my fave stain remover. But red shirts for spaghetti etc.