Friday, June 3, 2011

Uncle Michael!

Michael has been staying with us this week! Sam had a dental appointment in DFW so Michael rode along and Otto and I met up with them to pick him up.

Michael is A LOT of fun and Otto has really enjoyed having him here. He has been following him around like a little puppy and emulating everything he does. They've played chase, wrestled, and even cuddled a little. All the extra interaction has led to terrific naps this week, and Otto has been eating like a man to impress his uncle. Michael has been a great house guest too. He's even done the dishes a few times! Which is nice because home dude gets a new cup even three minutes;)

Here are a few pictures from my iPhone that we've taken this week.
Look who I just picked up Chris!
We took a trip to Goodwill (looking for a skateboard so we could check out the local skate park) and found these golf themed gadgets for Chris. Michael was pumped.
We also saw a billboard advertising .49 cent drinks at Racetrack, yay baby!
This week was finals week for Michael, and every day he had a two finals to take online. Otto was a terrific distraction helper:)
We went grocery shopping and I even convinced Michael to use a few coupons;)
Michael eats all. the. time. And because Otto needs to do everything Michael does, every time Michael got a snack Otto would crawl over and beg for a taste. Because of this Otto has now tried teriyaki beef jerky:/
Although Michael is my little brother, he is no longer my little brother. I am ecstatic about this because for the longest time he has been taller, but I have been heavier...not anymore!
Today he took his last final (now officially an eleventh grader!) and celebrated by painting his face braveheart style, and running up and down the street shouting 'FREEDOM!'. I think most of the neighbors thought he was a deranged Mavericks fan:)
Michael really is an awesome guy, he has a wild and crazy side, but is also very courteous and compassionate. Otto is a very lucky kid to have him in his life....seriously, don't you wish you had an uncle that could do this?!

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