Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swim Time!

This morning we went swimming at the gym!
Otto styling his super happy face:)
Otto is running about thirty minutes ahead with his schedule today, so when he woke up from his morning nap earlier than I had planned we just left early. Because free swim hadn't started when we arrived, I decided to try out the on-site babysitters (gasp!) and spend a little time in the cardio room. Otto did great! I'm pretty sure he got extra attention from the staff for being so cute and friendly, and having a psycho mother who asked to be called if he so much as sneezed didn't hurt either;)

I picked a treadmill in the corner, next to an elderly man, thinking that grandparents are generally sweet and won't laugh poor wusses who can't handle sweating....yeah right! This little man was probably in his eighties and kept giving me bring it looks, so not to be outdone I cranked my incline and speed up to match his. (healthy power walk...don't laugh, that's about as intense as I can handle) Twenty minutes in I was doing my best to look cool but he just wouldn't quit! About that time I realized he was wearing a 'Silver Sneakers' shirt and carrying a personalized sweat towel, the man was obviously a professional. Thank goodness he finished his workout shorty after that or I probably would have fallen off the machine. My legs are going to hurt tomorrow!

When free swim started I picked up Otto we changed for the pool. In an effort to be better about blogging I brought the point and shoot to take a few pictures, but the munchkin wasn't having any of it. Delay getting in the water to take pictures?! What was I thinking?
4th of July swimsuit!
I (dumbly) thought that he would let me take few pictures while he played on the top step. Ha. ha. ha.

I pinched him between my feet and turned on the camera. This picture is all that I got before he, I kid you not, dove off the top step head first. I caught him by his foot, so he only went in to ears, but the half second his face was under took about five years off my life. He thought it was great, and came up laughing. Camera went back in the bag at this point so both hands could be glued to the baby.
He caught this duck while paddling around the pool and played with it the entire time we were there. When we left he politely gave it back to the life guard, which was a big deal. (Lately he has had a difficult time when things are taken from him.)

We came home to yummy lunch of black beans and rice. Chris isn't a fan, meals without meat aren't his thing, surprise surprise, but Otto and I love it.

Otto is napping now, but later this afternoon we might venture out. I need a new swimsuit, everything in my drawer is either pre-baby or maternity, and needless to say aren't that flattering.

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