Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's Go Mavs!

Mavericks watch party happening at our house tonight! Chris and his buddy Shawn are big fans and are very excited that the Mavs have made it this far. Hopefully they will be able to pull off a big win tonight!
Chris grilled bratwurst for dinner on his new grill. He is loving it and so am I, outside cooking is so much cooler! (In temperature and awesomeness)

We just finished a great weekend with Chris' sister Angela and our niece Addison. Stay tuned for pictures of Addy and Otto playing together!

Otto is a hot mess. He learned several new tricks from his cousin and while she took two naps today, he decided one was enough. He was a very happy camper though, so maybe it's time to transition to one nap instead of two, we'll see!

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