Monday, June 6, 2011

First Haircut

Oh my you guys, we got Otto's hair cut. He looks ridiculously cute and...different. In some ways I think he looks more like himself at about four months, but he also looks so much older. Very much like a little boy. I think he knows it too, he has been acting like he is tough stuff since getting his new 'do.
Last 'long' hair picture. Giving me the stink eye because it's so bright out.
Sunday afternoon we to a local (chain) kids hair salon. The shop was very geared towards making little people feel comfortable and had lots of distractions; televisions with video games at every station, lego tables, chalkboards, and the stylists chairs were shaped like cars. Otto chose the firetruck:)
The stylist that cut his hair, Brittany, was wonderful, and Otto thought she was great. Not only did she have his favorite color of hair, but when he wanted the comb she was using, she let him have it and simply got another. (Brushes and combs are a recent favorite thing)
He wasn't fazed by the process at all, there were way too many distractions. Brittany was really quick and when he moved she just moved with him. The only moment he was slightly grumpy was when Chris took his comb away (covered in hair and he was trying to eat it) but he cheered right up when he was given a blueberry.
I was there too, promise! See?
He was a little suspicious of the trimmer, but held very still and didn't even try to grab it. Yay buddy!
All done! It's very short, but at least it is even now and he won't look like a rug-rat as it grows out:) It is slicked down with gel is this photo, but today after his nap it was trying to curl again and couldn't, it's too short! 
Otto really did a great job sitting still and being a big kid and I only teared up once; overall a very successful visit! And I think he likes it which is a plus:)


  1. Love the last picture best!! He is uch a handsome little guy!!

  2. He does look different in that last picture, but still oh so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness, he is so stinking cute! Jax got his first haircut over the weekend, we waited a bit longer than you did (Jax is 17 months!) :)