Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Downtown Dental Appointment

This morning I had a scheduled dental cleaning, so after attempting (and failing) a morning nap, Otto and I headed downtown. The dental office that we go to is on the same block as Chris' office and while it's a little more complicated to get to the office, it's easier for Chris to schedule appointments and for me to get a cleaning while Otto hangs out with his Dad.

Otto loves going downtown, there is always so much to see AND he gets to see Daddy in the middle of the day.

While I was at my appointment, the guys took a walk to the Water Gardens. Chris told me that Otto just wanted to jump in! Crazy kid loves the water. This week we joined the local YMCA and have been going to the pool to beat the heat. (Hence the lack of posts, we're been busy!) While we're at the pool I can't put Otto down at all, he crawls right to the water and will just climb (fall) right in. When we are in the pool he is very sure of himself and now puts his face in the water on his own accord. The lifeguards all laugh at how incredibly enthusiastic his is, but I'm sure they are watching him extra closely in case he attempts something extreme. After about twenty minutes in the water I'm ready for a nap:) He is generally very upset to leave, but eats and sleeps well when we get home!

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