Monday, June 13, 2011

Addy and Otto!

On Friday, Angela brought Addison up, to visit us! We loved getting to spend a little time with them both, thanks for lending them to us Justin and Jackie:)

Isn't my niece just a doll baby?

While she and Otto share coloring and are just about the same size the similarities stop there. Addy is all girl and Otto continues to be quite the little boy, these two pictures really highlight the difference between them. Angela brought Addison's swimming pool with them and both Friday and Saturday evening the babies had a great time 'swimming'.
Otto went nuts, splashing and doing his version of the breaststroke; flopping around on his belly with the occasional face dunk for extra fun. (He's gone all the way under and came up grinning, he loves it.) Addy was a little more reserved, preferring to climb in and out or blow bubbles from the side, I don't think she got wet past her knees:) He is into everything and enjoys a mess, while she is quieter and reflects a little more before acting.
She could have just been trying to stay away from the crazy guy with the water hose;)
Addy thought the hill in our back yard was great, and kept running to the top, shouting "1,2,3!", and then running back down.
While she was enjoying that, Otto kept practicing his breaststoke:) He has the makings of quite the little fish.
Because Addison and her mother are traveling back to Korea on Wednesday, Addy left her pool at our house for Otto to enjoy. He was very sad to see her go, but wants her to know that her pool will be well taken care of! (Thank you Nana!)

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  1. It looks like it was great fun! I must say I have the most lovable, handsome & beautiful, wonderful grandchildren in the world! Can't wait to come see Otto and bring him his new swing :)