Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eleven Months!

...and one day. Apparently I've been off a day all week. Eek! So much for all the great sleep I've been getting this month (major progress in that category!) obviously it isn't doing any good. :)

But for kicks, because we celebrated by going to the pool and letting him eat a corn dog, let's pretend that today, and not yesterday, was Otto's eleven month birthanniversary, okay?

So like I said today we went to the pool, and predictably Otto loved it! Because it was the weekend there were lots of other people swimming and Otto did quite a lot of gawking at the older kids and their pool toys. We're going to have to find this boy some water toys!

Swimming is the best!

Otto has been all over the place this past month. He is into everything, and thinks he is big stuff. He is always underfoot and likes to 'help' in the kitchen, unloading the dishwasher (and the cabinets) is his specialty;)
Pretty much the only way to cook dinner these days is to give him his own spoon and pot to 'cook' with while I work. And if I don't get it out for him, he helps himself! Opening cabinets, toilets (ick!), and pulling the handles off drawers are his current favorite activities. He loves taking things apart and seeing how they work, future engineer maybe?
And the spoon's? BFF's. Big, little, he loves them all. We are down to two baby spoons because after a meal he will carry his utensil off and play with it. Hopefully I find his stash soon or we'll be back to eating with our fingers. He was using this kitchen spoon as a drumstick before his snack and wouldn't let go of it when I put him in the highchair. Peaches eaten with a giant spoon taste better.
And if he isn't carrying around an eating utensil, it's this little hammer. I prefer the days this guy is his friend because it's a little more baby safe:)
(Ten minutes into our day and he has already found the hammer)
After dinner most evenings we head outside and take a bath in the swimming pool. He loves splashing and it makes for easy clean up. He insists on feeding himself these days, and even tries to use his spoon correctly, which makes for a messy baby.
Spaghetti is delicious!
This month he has really started to comprehend what we saying and tries to communicate back. I'm working on a baby quilt for his room and had it spread out on the floor while measuring. Otto crawled over to investigate and when I explained that 'Mommy has a blanket on the floor!' (I'm really clever these days.) When he crawled away grinning I thought he had simply lost interest, but two seconds later he was back, dragging his lovey! He laid it on top of the quilt and smiled at me as if to say, 'Look! We both have blankets!'. Smart guy! I need to start giving him more credit!

He is also starting to tolerate milk products a little. Woohoo! Indirectly (through breastmilk) he is doing much better, and only gets a little gassy. In the last week I've had cheese and frozen yogurt (Braum's Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate, AMAZING! ) and let me tell you, the world is a better place because of milk products. Hopefully, with a slow introduction, in a few months he will be ready for whole milk. Cross your fingers!

I can hardly believe that in just four short weeks we will have a one year old. Fastest year of my life!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

For Jenny

I found this while organizing Otto's closet.
We had been married about two months when my friend Jenny gave us this outfit. Doesn't she have excellent taste? ;)

In other news, look how much his hair has already grown!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swim Time!

This morning we went swimming at the gym!
Otto styling his super happy face:)
Otto is running about thirty minutes ahead with his schedule today, so when he woke up from his morning nap earlier than I had planned we just left early. Because free swim hadn't started when we arrived, I decided to try out the on-site babysitters (gasp!) and spend a little time in the cardio room. Otto did great! I'm pretty sure he got extra attention from the staff for being so cute and friendly, and having a psycho mother who asked to be called if he so much as sneezed didn't hurt either;)

I picked a treadmill in the corner, next to an elderly man, thinking that grandparents are generally sweet and won't laugh poor wusses who can't handle sweating....yeah right! This little man was probably in his eighties and kept giving me bring it looks, so not to be outdone I cranked my incline and speed up to match his. (healthy power walk...don't laugh, that's about as intense as I can handle) Twenty minutes in I was doing my best to look cool but he just wouldn't quit! About that time I realized he was wearing a 'Silver Sneakers' shirt and carrying a personalized sweat towel, the man was obviously a professional. Thank goodness he finished his workout shorty after that or I probably would have fallen off the machine. My legs are going to hurt tomorrow!

When free swim started I picked up Otto we changed for the pool. In an effort to be better about blogging I brought the point and shoot to take a few pictures, but the munchkin wasn't having any of it. Delay getting in the water to take pictures?! What was I thinking?
4th of July swimsuit!
I (dumbly) thought that he would let me take few pictures while he played on the top step. Ha. ha. ha.

I pinched him between my feet and turned on the camera. This picture is all that I got before he, I kid you not, dove off the top step head first. I caught him by his foot, so he only went in to ears, but the half second his face was under took about five years off my life. He thought it was great, and came up laughing. Camera went back in the bag at this point so both hands could be glued to the baby.
He caught this duck while paddling around the pool and played with it the entire time we were there. When we left he politely gave it back to the life guard, which was a big deal. (Lately he has had a difficult time when things are taken from him.)

We came home to yummy lunch of black beans and rice. Chris isn't a fan, meals without meat aren't his thing, surprise surprise, but Otto and I love it.

Otto is napping now, but later this afternoon we might venture out. I need a new swimsuit, everything in my drawer is either pre-baby or maternity, and needless to say aren't that flattering.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Downtown Dental Appointment

This morning I had a scheduled dental cleaning, so after attempting (and failing) a morning nap, Otto and I headed downtown. The dental office that we go to is on the same block as Chris' office and while it's a little more complicated to get to the office, it's easier for Chris to schedule appointments and for me to get a cleaning while Otto hangs out with his Dad.

Otto loves going downtown, there is always so much to see AND he gets to see Daddy in the middle of the day.

While I was at my appointment, the guys took a walk to the Water Gardens. Chris told me that Otto just wanted to jump in! Crazy kid loves the water. This week we joined the local YMCA and have been going to the pool to beat the heat. (Hence the lack of posts, we're been busy!) While we're at the pool I can't put Otto down at all, he crawls right to the water and will just climb (fall) right in. When we are in the pool he is very sure of himself and now puts his face in the water on his own accord. The lifeguards all laugh at how incredibly enthusiastic his is, but I'm sure they are watching him extra closely in case he attempts something extreme. After about twenty minutes in the water I'm ready for a nap:) He is generally very upset to leave, but eats and sleeps well when we get home!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Otto absolutely adores his Dad. In the last few weeks it has really become apparent that Chris is his best friend. If Chris is home Otto is his shadow, following him around trying to do what ever he is doing. It's gotten to the point where he pretty much wants nothing to do with me when his dad is around, he won't even nurse if Chris is in the room. (I'm okay with this, I get plenty of one-on-one time with him during the day, and Chris doesn't. Although being treated like chopped liver is strange sometimes.)

Yesterday Chris played a round of golf with a friend, and when he got home I recorded Otto's reaction to his arrival. (Even with sunscreen the poor man got fried, check out those ankles! Also, I don't think he was very amused about being attacked by the camera right after getting home;))
I thinks it hilarious how Otto expects to be tossed in the air, he loves it! Although he doesn't do it in the video, he generally hugs Chris and then gives me a 'see you later' look complete with a wave. Home dude loves his dad.

Otto is so blessed to have a father that loves him so much. Happy Father's Day Chris!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Four Generations

Last weekend we had a birthday party for my grandparents who both turned ninety this year! I'm a terrible blogger or I would have had these pictures up much sooner:( But better late than never!

My Nana and Gaw-Gaw, Otto's great grandparents on my father's side.

Four generations!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Addy and Otto!

On Friday, Angela brought Addison up, to visit us! We loved getting to spend a little time with them both, thanks for lending them to us Justin and Jackie:)

Isn't my niece just a doll baby?

While she and Otto share coloring and are just about the same size the similarities stop there. Addy is all girl and Otto continues to be quite the little boy, these two pictures really highlight the difference between them. Angela brought Addison's swimming pool with them and both Friday and Saturday evening the babies had a great time 'swimming'.
Otto went nuts, splashing and doing his version of the breaststroke; flopping around on his belly with the occasional face dunk for extra fun. (He's gone all the way under and came up grinning, he loves it.) Addy was a little more reserved, preferring to climb in and out or blow bubbles from the side, I don't think she got wet past her knees:) He is into everything and enjoys a mess, while she is quieter and reflects a little more before acting.
She could have just been trying to stay away from the crazy guy with the water hose;)
Addy thought the hill in our back yard was great, and kept running to the top, shouting "1,2,3!", and then running back down.
While she was enjoying that, Otto kept practicing his breaststoke:) He has the makings of quite the little fish.
Because Addison and her mother are traveling back to Korea on Wednesday, Addy left her pool at our house for Otto to enjoy. He was very sad to see her go, but wants her to know that her pool will be well taken care of! (Thank you Nana!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's Go Mavs!

Mavericks watch party happening at our house tonight! Chris and his buddy Shawn are big fans and are very excited that the Mavs have made it this far. Hopefully they will be able to pull off a big win tonight!
Chris grilled bratwurst for dinner on his new grill. He is loving it and so am I, outside cooking is so much cooler! (In temperature and awesomeness)

We just finished a great weekend with Chris' sister Angela and our niece Addison. Stay tuned for pictures of Addy and Otto playing together!

Otto is a hot mess. He learned several new tricks from his cousin and while she took two naps today, he decided one was enough. He was a very happy camper though, so maybe it's time to transition to one nap instead of two, we'll see!

Monday, June 6, 2011

First Haircut

Oh my you guys, we got Otto's hair cut. He looks ridiculously cute and...different. In some ways I think he looks more like himself at about four months, but he also looks so much older. Very much like a little boy. I think he knows it too, he has been acting like he is tough stuff since getting his new 'do.
Last 'long' hair picture. Giving me the stink eye because it's so bright out.
Sunday afternoon we to a local (chain) kids hair salon. The shop was very geared towards making little people feel comfortable and had lots of distractions; televisions with video games at every station, lego tables, chalkboards, and the stylists chairs were shaped like cars. Otto chose the firetruck:)
The stylist that cut his hair, Brittany, was wonderful, and Otto thought she was great. Not only did she have his favorite color of hair, but when he wanted the comb she was using, she let him have it and simply got another. (Brushes and combs are a recent favorite thing)
He wasn't fazed by the process at all, there were way too many distractions. Brittany was really quick and when he moved she just moved with him. The only moment he was slightly grumpy was when Chris took his comb away (covered in hair and he was trying to eat it) but he cheered right up when he was given a blueberry.
I was there too, promise! See?
He was a little suspicious of the trimmer, but held very still and didn't even try to grab it. Yay buddy!
All done! It's very short, but at least it is even now and he won't look like a rug-rat as it grows out:) It is slicked down with gel is this photo, but today after his nap it was trying to curl again and couldn't, it's too short! 
Otto really did a great job sitting still and being a big kid and I only teared up once; overall a very successful visit! And I think he likes it which is a plus:)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Uncle Michael!

Michael has been staying with us this week! Sam had a dental appointment in DFW so Michael rode along and Otto and I met up with them to pick him up.

Michael is A LOT of fun and Otto has really enjoyed having him here. He has been following him around like a little puppy and emulating everything he does. They've played chase, wrestled, and even cuddled a little. All the extra interaction has led to terrific naps this week, and Otto has been eating like a man to impress his uncle. Michael has been a great house guest too. He's even done the dishes a few times! Which is nice because home dude gets a new cup even three minutes;)

Here are a few pictures from my iPhone that we've taken this week.
Look who I just picked up Chris!
We took a trip to Goodwill (looking for a skateboard so we could check out the local skate park) and found these golf themed gadgets for Chris. Michael was pumped.
We also saw a billboard advertising .49 cent drinks at Racetrack, yay baby!
This week was finals week for Michael, and every day he had a two finals to take online. Otto was a terrific distraction helper:)
We went grocery shopping and I even convinced Michael to use a few coupons;)
Michael eats all. the. time. And because Otto needs to do everything Michael does, every time Michael got a snack Otto would crawl over and beg for a taste. Because of this Otto has now tried teriyaki beef jerky:/
Although Michael is my little brother, he is no longer my little brother. I am ecstatic about this because for the longest time he has been taller, but I have been heavier...not anymore!
Today he took his last final (now officially an eleventh grader!) and celebrated by painting his face braveheart style, and running up and down the street shouting 'FREEDOM!'. I think most of the neighbors thought he was a deranged Mavericks fan:)
Michael really is an awesome guy, he has a wild and crazy side, but is also very courteous and compassionate. Otto is a very lucky kid to have him in his life....seriously, don't you wish you had an uncle that could do this?!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

On Sunday night we drove to East Texas for a spontaneous, less than 24 hour, trip. We had a great time and got to see both my family and Chris'. Otto got to swim for the first time and Chris got to experience 'The Cliffs'. Although he is still suffering from the sunburn, he had a fantastic time.

It took Otto about three seconds to realize the pool was AWESOME! He absolutely loved it. 
Look at his face, he was a very happy camper! We actually went swimming twice that afternoon because he enjoyed it so much.

His super happy cheese face:) This is my new favorite picture.
He really took off, Chris had a hard time holding him. The child had no fear, and was using both his arms and legs to crawl though the water. We have got to get this boy in swimming lessons, he will love them.

Addison also got to swim, but she was very polite about it. I think she thought that Otto was a little crazy:) Isn't her little pony tail adorable?
After swimming (the first time), while Otto was napping, we went to the Cliffs. Just a few miles from my parents house there is an old rock quarry that has flooded and has become the new hang out spot. There are several places to jump from the walls into the water, the largest jump being about fifty feet. It's insane, I was nervous the entire time we were there that some one was going to get hurt, the place is an accident waiting to happen!

Chris about to jump!
In he goes!
Seriously crazy! I did not jump.

We came home Monday night, tired and sunburned, but we had a great time. Otto has been napping wonderfully since our trip and slept better last night than he has in a while! We definitely need to go swimming on a regular bases if only to get a decent nights sleep!