Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is Our House (The Dining Room)

This is our dining room. Clean, simple, and functional.
Our home has an open floor plan, and the dining room is attached to both the kitchen and living room. For the stage of life we are in now, this design is perfect. I can make dinner or tidy the main rooms of the house while Otto plays. It is also great to have such a large space for him to explore, while the bedrooms and bathrooms that aren't as baby friendly are closed off. The dining room is at the back of the house facing West. It's window overlooks the back porch.
Chris made the benches and his mother made the table.  The photo shelves Chris made from a plan that I found on, and of course Sarah took all the pictures! The buffet is actually a dresser that we inherited from Chris' best friend's parents, if it ever migrates back into a bedroom I will reattach the gorgeous matching mirror. The rug under the table is from Lowe's, a patio rug for easy clean-up.
Now, I need your opinion. I have grand upgrade plans for this room. The goal is to add a little detail and warmth, beyond the basic builder boring, while adding a distinct separation of the dining room from the living room. (They share a large wall, 29x10.) I want to do something similar to this, but Chris is a little iffy on the idea. Thoughts? Sugesstions? DAD, THIS IS WHERE YOU COMMENT, OKAY? The main goal is to add detail to the room without clutter.

This is what the little munchkin was doing while I uploaded these photos,  isn't he the cutest? Even sleeping he's adorable:)


  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the encouragement! It so helps to hear it!!

    About wordpress. I went ahead and created one and have been struggling to know how to use it. You have to understand a lot of http and css to really be able to personalize it like you would personalize blogger. It isn't quite as "dummy proof" as this is right now. If I ever figure it out I will let you know.

    About the dining room separation. . . have you thought of a vinyl decal on the wall. There are a lot on etsy. . . just a thought. . . maybe even some chalkboard paint ;-)

  2. I have no suggestions on the dining room, but was glad to see Otto enjoying his blanket!
    And your dining room is so neat and put together. I like the picture shelves (I know you probably cleaned up for the pictures, but still mine wouldn't look that nice)