Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ten Months!

Today Otto celebrated turning 10 months and his Uncle Michael turning 16 years old! Good day!
He is a crawling/climbing madman and loves to be chased, especially if he has something he shouldn't have. But even with his super star skills in the crawling department, for some reason he still can't/won't crawl over door frames. The six inch shower stall lip? No problem, but going from inside to outside or vice versa doesn't happen yet, which I am a-okay with. If one of the off limits rooms (bedrooms, baths, laundry) door has accidentally been left open, its a guarantee that he knows and in 3.2 seconds will be pulling books off the shelves or wiggling under the bed. Over the past month he has learned to gingerly lower himself back to the sitting position from standing instead of just letting go and plopping down. This has boosted his confidence and he now cruises from one piece of furniture to the next.
He has started waving, choosing a little old lady in the grocery store as the lucky first person. She didn't even think I was crazy for spazzing out about it, just agreed that he was definitely waving:) He has since waved for his Dad and when I put him in his car seat to go bye-bye.

This is his cheese face, although generally his eyes are squished shut too:)  
He is becoming more expressive of his needs. When he's hungry you can definitely tell, he will climb into my lap hugging, kissing, and helping himself.  Eek! It's funny, but awkward as well. He loves his people and seems to know when Chris should be home from work. Yesterday, about 5:45, he was cruising the living room furniture asking for 'Mama' and he was not talking about me. When Chris does get home, Otto lights up and can't wait to play with his dad. At bedtime, and sometimes naps, he will find me, crawl into my lap and rub his head on my shoulder telling me he wants to go to sleep.

His hair is CRAZY. A haircut is in the future, just as soon as his Grandmother gets to see his curls one more time.(Mom, please come visit!)
This month he discovered spaghetti which he loves. He prefers foods with strong flavors and still doesn't like green beans but zucchini is a favorite.We still nurse at least five times a day and once at night, and he eats two meals (lunch and dinner) with snacks throughout the day.

He has mastered buzzing his lips, and when I'm driving the car I can hear him in the back blowing raspberries. Strange noises make him laugh, power tools are still a favorite, but the broom is a close second.  He also loves sneezing (something that happens a lot for our allergy prone guy) and grins every time he does.
We love this little man!

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