Sunday, May 15, 2011

Otto's First Rangers Game!

Today we took Otto to his first Rangers game. It took him a few minutes to adjust to the noise level, but he did great and I think he had a wonderful time. He was exhausted when we left, three minutes into the drive home he crashed, tired boy!
Yes, we are totally styling matching outfits. I figure I better get in my matching outfit while he is still young, before he can protest! 

The entire day was so much fun, not only was the weather perfect, but there was lots of wonderful company and we snagged possibly the best parking spot available. We were the last car to pull into lot M, and because they had oversold the lot, we were told to park along the edge of the lot directly in front of the ballpark! Perfect!
 Can't you tell I was excited about the parking? :)
Our group. Lots of little ones and their families. We went with with the other couples from our Bradley class and their babies. We missed you Connelly family!
We ran into my older sister's college roommate, how fun is that? She was sitting just a few rows behind us. Amy got to meet Otto for the first time and he thought she was pretty neat. 
Joss' parents were the masterminds behind the day. Thank you guys for putting it together, we had a great time! 
Miss Jocelyn has a new trick, when you point the camera in her direction she cheeses! So cute!
William and his parents were also there. The Strange family!
William has exciting news, in December he will be a big brother! Woohoo!
We left at the top of the ninth because Otto was past exhausted but too distracted to nap. Right in front of our car there were a couple of guys promoting Dr Pepper and giving samples. I grabbed one for the ride home. Woot! A wonderful end to a fun day! (And the Rangers won!)


  1. We were sad to miss, but Sundays can usually be too crazy and on top of that my mom was in town this weekend. So glad you guys had fun and can't wait to see you all soon!

  2. love this! ranger games are the best! cant wait to go next saturday! ... ummm can we have a new *room* in the house post soon :) im so impatient! haha