Friday, May 20, 2011

How do you stop them from climbling?!

Otto has a new skill. Climbing.

Notice how he looks at me to make sure it's okay, generally this isn't allowed.

The fireplace is his favorite target, and he is not deterred by anything. Yesterday he even fell off resulting in this lovely injury.
(The inflammation has gone down and it is now three small scratches.) (He also face planted into the entryway tile and bit his lip pretty severely. Yesterday was a rough day for us both.)

I've tried just about everything...creating a barrier with toys, padding, distractions,'s just too tempting. Any ideas on how to teach him not to climb/use caution or how to make the bricks baby safe?

The fireplace is just the beginning, today I chased him into the bathroom where he tried to climb into the tub. This evening after dinner he hopped up on the coffee table chasing a graham cracker. And he was so proud of himself:) Doesn't he know that skills like these will give his mother gray hair?
(He's not always naked, promise! But the little daredevil does seem to come out in him during outfit changes.)


  1. Somewhere a CPS worker is saying "easiest case ever!" I can't believe you document all these injuries for them! :p

  2. We bought a baby fence for the boys. It is colorful and study and they can still see through it. We just put it around anything that we didn't want them getting into and after a few weeks...they learned that was a "hands off" area and didn't bother it again.

  3. We recently moved to a house with marble steps that couldn't be blocked off. Sam was entralled with them and of course took 2 second to learn to crawl up them. It took about a month of patience on mommy's part, pretty much sitting next to her anytime she went up there, but she finally learned to come down correctly (I said "turn around" about a million times and would position her to come down on her belly and land on her feet) It also helped that she loved being on the couch and learned to come off that correctly as well (the couch being on carpet made my life easier)
    I don't know how it would work with Otto since he's climbing on things you don't want him on, but at least if he learns to come off safely, he might not get as beat-up.
    I don't even flinch when Sam goes up the steps anymore. And of course now she drags all her toys with her and slipped on her blanket just yesterday and hit her head. Luckily, she has a high pain tolerance... And she doesn't bruise easily. ;-) (Those CPS workers won't catch me!)

  4. Aah! That looks like it hurt! HE TALKED! "Otto, be careful." He's all like, "I am" you can hear it! :D