Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great day at home! Otto is feeling much better, but was still a little warm this morning so we stayed home from church. After taking a couple of great naps, we played outside for a little bit before bedtime.
We recently upgraded printers and Otto has been enjoying the box. Instant fort!

Isn't his hair hilarious? It just does its own thing. Newly washed and combed it is straight, but add any humidity and it goes nuts. The curls are the only thing saving him from a haircut:)

He loves being outside and thinks the grass is fascinating. Sitting/standing in it isn't a problem, but crawling is another story. He doesn't like his knees to touch the grass, so being the inventive little guy that he is he has developed an alternative method.
While we were outside I started working on the nightstands that we found for the guest room. We got them for a steal because they need quite a bit of work. Sanding, paint, new hardware, and all but one of the drawers needs to be glued back together. Sounds like fun to me!

I love their shape and size. They are going to work perfectly in the room, even Chris commented that it is starting to come together and that he wouldn't mind it being our room. He was probably just being nice because it's Mother's day, but heck, I'll take it! When I get the room put back together I'll post pictures and you guys can be brutally honest with me, okay?

Happy Mother's day!

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  1. Yeah for the curls! Love the little Lord Fauntleroy hair style and congrats on your first official Mother's day. <3 you all!